The latest fashion in educational circles is to send specially pre-university students to Coaching Classes in the hope of bettering their prospects. A student would have otherwise got 90 per cent is assured of 95 per cent.  With the result the coaching classes are mushrooming in the city in abundance. The student’s meritorious performance is attributed to the particular Coaching Institute and not the Teachers who sweat in Junior Colleges for a paltry salary. Today, coaching classes have become ubiquitous in the lives of city students. It is impossible to imagine students’ lives without them. They are simultaneously a compulsion, and at the same time criticized a lot for spoiling education, students’ lives, standard of schools etc. Due to almost all students attending coaching classes in cities, the interest of school teachers to impart knowledge to students has now started dipping gradually.

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Who should we blame for mushrooming of coaching centres ?  It is our education system  which is to blame since it weighs the students’ standings on the brilliance of his score-card. Practical exams in science are given a sufficiently low weightage as compared to theory which, though humongous in its extent can be managed due to assistance in rote learning given by the classes the students attend. In coaching classes for high schools, students are literally made to write formulae, theorems many times (which they just copy from textbooks or additional notes) before an actual test is taken on that topic. Many times, students are ‘encouraged’ to accept things as given in the textbooks without arguments or doubts that may arise out of inquisitiveness. The private coaching institutions exploit the prevailing excessive demand for education and operate with profit motives and they charge high fees. The reasons for demand can be two-fold: the inability of the government to provide education to all those who need or desire it; and the inability of government agencies to provide education of quality perceived to be worthwhile . It is here that coaching institutions find a fertile ground for undertaking their activities on a commercial basis.
In general, coaching institutions of education is not accepted and approved by the society, particularly by the countries like India, which have a democratic polity. But , inequality of opportunities and provisions for educational services contribute to inter-personal, inter-regional and inter-generational disparities of all forms. These perpetuate socio-economic disparities and hamper national development. Moreover, India’s long history, tradition and culture of imparting knowledge and training have put pious obligations on the duty conscious society for providing worthwhile education.

The socio-economic benefits over the entire span of working life accrue more to educated and trained persons and therefore, attempts are made by students and their parents to obtain good education at even high private costs. The demand for various types and levels of courses is much higher than available places/seats for learning in creditable institutions. To meet excess demands, coaching institutions have been established in almost every part of country, these institutions have received social support. A lack of effective mechanism to identify and discourage institutions that are offering coaching  has created an environment for mushrooming of such institutions.

The promotion of coaching institutions in education is justified on social, economic and cultural grounds. The inability of the Government, due mainly to financial constraints, to create and strengthen infrastructure for meeting the growing demand for quality education is mainly responsible for the increase of these  commercial activities in education. The  educational infrastructure- the schools, teachers and other learning support service- indicate deficiencies in facilities to attract and retain students for quality teaching and learning. The need of the hour is to let students and parents to search their own answers what they want their children to become a robot or creative person. Everyone should understand there is no alternative to SELF STUDY.

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