In Run Lola Run, Lola needs to bring 100 grand marks under 20 minutes or her boyfriend would have to face some consequences from his employer. We are shown three different scenarios, on how Lola secures the money.

This is no brain entertainment at it’s best. The film is thrilling and fast paced. It does a great job at creating tension. The fast editing is really cool and I even liked the use of animation. The high beat techno music elevates the tension. The film just begins without introducing the main characters, indicating that we have no time to breathe. I’d like to praise the director for how innovatively he has used fast takes, quick cuts, slow motion and panning to create this adrenaline filled experience. I also liked how well put together all the little elements of the plot were. All three scenarios tie together perfectly.

The film is basically about how every small decision we take affects our life. The movie shows this in three different scenarios. A lot of details are used to show how if one little thing had not happened to a particular character, his/her life would have been different. It also portrays the importance of time. For an entertaining thriller, it portrays all this quite effectively.

I’d highly recommend this movie, it’s a well made film that is easy to watch. It’s a fun fast paced thriller.


Right Now, Wrong Then (2015) is directed by Hong Songsoo and it is about a filmmaker named Ham Cheon-Soo who comes to the town of  Suwon for a screening of one of his movies. He’s at a local tourist attraction where he strikes a conversation with a girl named Heejung. She’s a painter. They talk a lot and spend most of the day together. But they end things up on a sour note, and the next day Ham goes back to Seoul. Then the second chapter starts, it is set after a year and starts with Ham coming to Suwon again. He goes to the same tourist place where he had met Heejung that day, and he finds her again. So this day goes the same way as the first day did, it’s like the same things are happening again. Their activities and all are the same but the way they talk to each other is different. They are both more honest and more open about their feelings. This is the day, where things go right for them. How a year later things go well. I loved this brave narrative choice that the director has taken, showing the same sequence of events again but in a different fashion and after some time. things end similarly in both of them but the feelings are different and they feel more fulfilled in the second one. You see the subtle changes on both days.

This film is made in a way that it’s intended to make you feel things. The feelings are the substance. This is an atmospheric movie in which we follow two similar days in the lives of these people. The film is more about the mood. You see these two characters fall in love right in front of you, and you feel the exact same emotions that they feel be it happy or miserable. The aspect I liked the most was of how the director has created this feeling of repressed love. you actually feel it. they love each other but they cannot do anything about it because Ham is married and has a family. This film just felt very warm and human. It captures the people living the urban middle class life, reminded me of the works of Ozu and Eric Rohmer.

Do give this movie a a watch if you want to watch a slow and atmospheric diptych that showcases the lives of two lost souls in a heartwarming way

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