India is so confusing!!!

The most confusing country in the world is our country India. We live in a very confusing country because when you and I think about India, we get confused whether we should be proud or ashamed of India!

Because there are two Indias hidden in our country. One Indian is full of absconding millionaires!, and second India where businessmen think of the people before profit. One Indian which is spreading hatred based on religion and second India which has moved on and embracing peaceful tomarrow. One India which houses few of the most polluted cities in the world and second India which is powering homes using solar energy.

So which India are we part of!? Let me explain three stories that sounds impossible but are actually true.

  1. Can India make electricity from POOP! ūüí© sounds impossible, right? But Padmabhushan Dr. Bindeshwar Patak has made it reality. India had 60.4% people without access t toilet. Then in 1970s he has made 15 lakh toilets in India. You know these pay and use toilet as ‘Sulabha Shouchalayas’. But let’s go one step further he asked himself what happens to this waste? “Biogas”. 190+ toilets convert poop into energy. Over here waste gets processed and decomposed and ultimately it is used to generate electricity, to cook and to light street lamps too! Your outgoing is utilized and not just gas. The water left after this process is used to grow plants. Your waste treasure for plants. This gives them nutrients. This is so cool! It sounds impossible but it’s true.
Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak
  1. Poor people can’t afford a surgery but they can give 10/- per month. The Government can add 30/- in it and make a health insurance for them. In 150 per year get a health coverage. Today more than one crore people are part of this low cost health insurance. 100000+ low cost surgeries and this was all possible because of Dr. Devi Shetty.

He is cardiac surgeon who founded Narayan Health. Poor people aren’t a problem, problem is poverty. Narayan Health isnonr of the cheapest hospital in the world but cheap doesn’t mean loss making?

  1. Can women have 800 children? Even after 25 years of marriage Timmakka from Hulikal could not have baby of her own. So what did she do? She planted 380+ banyan trees and 8000+ other trees and she raised them as her own children. Today she is 109 years old! and since last 70 years she has been planting trees on the highway. She never went to school, she knows nothing about the climate crisis but what she knows is this it feels nice to sit in the shadow. When we see an environmentalist from a small village receiving Padmashree from Presidentnsnd giving blessing in return. Then this cute moment sounds impossible but it’s true.

It is true that India has all the problems of the world but it also means that all its solutions to the problem can come from India! Maybe we have complicated patriotism beyond recognition. Maybe it is very simple. What can we do? Let’s ask this question. Which India do we want!? The first India that see the problem and runs away at the 1st chance? or second India which doesn’t depend upon anyone else to find a solution. India’s 50% population is below 25. That means there is 50% chance that you’re yet to make a choice. Then why not support India that you want to grow? It’s simple demand and supply. The news you share becomes the news you see. The people you support are the people who grow. Every small step in the right direction takes our country one step forward. Today we need more practical patriotism who are ready to take small step at their level. They treat their work as their religion and move ahead and turn the things that looks impossible. Today’s interest becomes tomarrow’s truth. Because freeing the second India from the first one makes difference to us.

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