Never settle, without exploring.

Traveling around the world or along the brightest and darkest sides of things, both of them leaves us great experiences and adventures. sometimes,the adventure may also turns into tragedies, which ignite the fear within to take any risk again. Risk lies in everything, if we fear of risk and get settled, we can never explore the beautiful book called life and only remains at page one, untill we die.

It is inevitable that risks are part and parcel of our life, and they always haunts us every second from various dimensions. But our ability to tackle the risk and transform it into amusing opportunity, proves who we are.

Most of us don’t dare to think beyond, because of the risk associated from peer pressure and also from societal influence. But,before you settle down with your thoughts, before you come to a conclusion. Just explore as much as you can, as a free bird, where you can find your passion and can realize your true potential.

As being a student, most of us only fed to prepare for exams and to remember the formulas…explore the new ways of learning things beyond classroom. The greatest gift of our generation is internet and free open resources, which provided an opportunity to explore the cultures,ideologies,lifestyle and many more across the world. One innocent thing about the students are just being confined themselves to only stick to the academic curriculum and syllabus.But the harsh truth is that curriculum is designed in consideration with all your peers. What if majority of peer group is below average or worst performers ?.Obviously, the standard of curriculum is reduced to very minimal level in order to save the majority group. But, in this holocaust, why should bright students settle up with following degraded curriculum? This flaw in education system, not being able to provide flexible curriculum has turned many of the nations bright minds into mediocre.THIS IS WHY, TO THINK OUT OF BOX AND EXPLORE BEFORE YOU SETTLE.

This beautiful principle ” explore and settle ” not only confined to academics, it plays a vital role in shaping one as a person. We are made up of the influence of people, places, customs and traditions that surround us. If we able to interact with wide range of people and new places and customs helps us to really find our interests and helps to live the life to the fullest. Especially, the lifestyle of people influences us a lot and enables to grow in all aspects of life.

Beliefs and perception are also highly dependent on our experiences. sometimes, we end up following false notions and beliefs. The only way to get rid of that rut, is to explore the new pathways and compare our perception with those of others and having conversation with various members on your way, helps you to elude from myths and find a redefined solution. Some of the major problems related to sex, inferiority complex ,suicidal thoughts,discrimination cannot be solved by reading books, but only exploring until you realize on your own, without settling down with mediocrity.

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