Sex Education in India

“SEX” One of the biggest taboo in India. There are very few people comfortable talking about sex and don’t think sex as taboo. The condition of sex education in India is not very much impressive, there is need of strict education system to ensure sex education in every school. It is important for making student aware about proper information about sex, contraceptive and diseases related.

In early time there were images of sexuality and gratification and biggest book of early time about sex ‘kama sutra’ by Vatsyayana, which is a Sanskritic text dating as far back as 400 BCE – 200 CE. It talks about the four main philosophies of Indian life or the purusharthas, namely Dharma, Karma, Atharva and Moksha. These are virtuous living, material prosperity, desire, and liberation. These books talk about sex education but still some Indian does not accept sex as natural thing.

In 1976 a seminar held by Indian Council for Child Welfare (ICCW), and sex education was introduced in India but not as a whole subject but as a part of a subject. There are three categories of sex education in India (1) targeted at adolescents at school (2) family planning for adults (3) HIV/AIDS prevention education.

Beside being sex education in course many teachers are not comfortable and confident about teaching sex education to students. The reason behind it the culture and thinking people have. In India parents are not even teaching there children about safe sex and contraceptive, in rural areas girls were not aware of menstruation before the age and don’t know about safe sex. girls are encouraged to reproduce as early as they can after they are married. Therefore, 36% of children (aged 13–16) and 64% of adolescents (aged 17–19) are pregnant or already mothers.

One the reason of rape in India is lack of sex education. Because they don’t get proper information about sex and consent of partner, they get to know about sex through wrong sources what we call porn. Knowing about something through wrong source leads to wrong action. Many girls are not aware of contraceptive and diseases HIV. National Family Health Survey conducted in 1992–1993, 7.1% of married women (aged 15–19) use contraception, compared to 21% among women (aged 20–24).

There must be strict rules for sex education in every school and exam should be conducted to know that students are really aware of information or not. Proper information will help to reduce the spread of HIV and spread the awareness about contraceptive. Using contraceptive and family planning will help. The major reason of growing population of India is not getting information about contraceptive and making comfortable using it. Media should take the responsibility to spread awareness among the masses. A proper sex education will help Indian to grow in several manner and reduce the problem of rapes in india. There is sex education but not properly implemented and there is no one to check the system. Government should make it strict and appoint someone to check and balance

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