What is NTA and who conducts JEE-NEET and many other examinations?

National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts competitive examinations like NEET, JEE, CAT, UGC NET, G-PAT. NTA was established under the Indian Institution Registration Act-1860. It is an autonomous institution that conducts entrance examinations for admission and scholarship in higher educational institutions of the country. The objective of this agency is to be efficient, transparent and test based on international standards to assess the eligibility of candidates for admission and recruitment.

Now, academic sessions of all medical colleges, IITs, NITs, CFTIs and ICAR-AU depend on these entrance exams, know why NTA is insisting on getting these exams early. This agency conducts the examination in online medium for which it has to select such schools and universities where all basic facilities are available and the conduct of the examination does not affect their academic routine

Why this exam is very important for NTA?
This entire exercise is to save the academic calendar. It is necessary for many candidates to conduct entrance examinations to save one year. So the NTA’s is trying very hard and giving their full effort to save one year of students, even if the sessions are slightly delayed for courses.

NTA Functions
-Making question papers of all subjects with the help of state-of-the-art technology.
-To create a panel of subject matter experts for testing along with a strong R&D culture.
-Providing training and advisory services from time to time in Indian educational institutions.
-Working closely with international organizations such as Educational Testing Services.
-Conduct of an examination in case of various ministries and central government departments and state governments entrusted with the responsibility of conducting the examination.
-To ensure improvement along with training in schools, boards and other bodies and periodically check the testing standards of entrance examinations.
-The President of NTA is a noted educationist and is appointed by the Union Ministry of Education.
-Its Chief Executive Officer is a Director-General who is appointed by the Central Government.
-The establishment of a specialized testing agency like NTA has reduced the burden of conducting examinations from institutions like Central Board of Secondary Education All India Council for Technical Education.

-NTA is helping all the individual colleges and universities in the country in the field of testing, training and providing advisory services to the institutions in India. To provide quality testing services for the institutions in India.
-NTA conducts examinations at least twice every year through online medium thereby increasing the chances of admission for candidates preparing for competitive examinations.
-This agency is setting up its centers at the district level and sub-district level to increase the reach in rural areas and for the convenience of the candidates.
-The National Testing Agency has set up practice testing centers along with the introduction of a mobile app, with the help of which candidates can also conduct mock tests on their smartphones and do their pre-test evaluation.

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