Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

“When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion.”

Abraham Lincoln, USA

At all of our times of crisis we’ve needed leaders who were just a little better. We have all fantasied leaders who can rise up to the occasion and probably give us some big speech , make you feel invincible (i am not reffering to Optimus Prime). But to your surprises Abraham Lincoln was one such man.

Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809 and was an American statesman and a Lawyer who served as the 16th President of United States of America. Lincoln was not only an ordinary politician but an accomplished warrior and a great anti-slavery orator. Lincoln is considered to be the greatest president ever. He accomplished great feats using his will and wisdom. He deployed the forces of swords and words together to win not only over wars but also over the hearts of true Americans.He became the president at the worst moment of American history- the American Civil war. Fought between the northern states who supported the union and the southern states who seceded from the union and formed the short lasted Confederates.

There was no great speculation during the election of Lincoln. But after Lincoln became Commander in Chief , his acts during the war was great in which He used the navy and the military very wisely, which gained him popularity among the soldiers. Above all he was not only determined in abolishing slavery but also in providing full franchise of right to vote and to participate for African Americans. Around early April 1865 the civil war was over and He had passed the “Emancipation proclamation” that abolished slavery and paved way for uprising of the Blacks. The Confederate generals surrendered and the war was won. Jubilant Lincoln gave a public speech which made everyone rejoice.

The prospect of Black voting was too much to bear for a man who was a fanatic of southern cause. John Wilkes Booth was born into a slave-holding family and grew up to become a great stage actor. He was a white supremacist and was not happy to see his causes crumbling before his eyes. And hence a group of conspirators arised and planned to assassinate three prominent figures of the union. Lincoln’s assassination was planned to happen on April 14 1865 when Lincoln was visiting the play-“Our American Cousin” at the Ford’s theater, Washington.

10 minutes to 10 pm, Booth started mounting the staircase the led to the tier 2 box where the President was seated. He walked past all the guards without any problem because he was a well known personality at that time.And at 10.15 pm he shot Lincoln 3 inches from his head. He jumped to the center of the theater and hailed “Sic Semper Tyrannis” meaning ‘Ever thus to tyrants’ and he said that the south was avenged. Lincoln died the following day and Booth was killed after 12 days of manhunt. The other killings did not happen because some of the conspirators were caught and hanged while others lost their nerves and surrendered

The surprisingly confusing part of Lincoln’s Death is that a few days before his assassination , it is said that Lincoln had a bizarre dream. In that dream he walked down the stairs and at the East room was a coffin surrounded by sobbing mourners. He asked “Who is that who lies dead in the white House?“. A man answered “Its the President.He was shot dead