Massive update on the new I phone 12 series, as it got further delayed  I.e.  It wont be getting launched on September as planned. There are also trending rumor that I Phone 12 series may not add any phone charger with their phones. Apple confirmed that It may be get launched in the middle of October. Apple plans to release the I phone 12 series with much cheaper rates as compared to the other series due to the rival brands. Well, I phone does have any rivals but , in many down factors other brands wins the rivalry.

 What  new  do  we  expect ?

 As per the sources, the striking new design feature, is the introduction of new Navy Blue color replacing the forest green of I phone 11. The I phone 12 series has 4 models  namely I Phone 12 , I Phone 12 max, I Phone 12 pro, I phone 12 max pro which includes the new 5G connectivity feature. Even the size of the models intends to be narrow. The lowest variant of the I phone 12 series, has of 5.4 inch of screen which is kind of bigger than the I phone SE 2016 but smaller than the I Phone SE 2020. The whole new series will have boxy shape, same as older versions of I Phone. I phone 12 max  and I phone 12 pro comes with a  6.1 inch long screen  which is ls smaller than I Phone 11  pro max. and the upper variant, I Phone 12 max pro, have 6.4 inch of screen, which is bigger than the I Phone 11 pro. The size of the camera lenses to increased in the whole I Phone 12 series.

                                The lower 2 variants has 4GB RAM with super Retina OLED display. Whereas, the upper 2 variants of the I Phone 12 has 6 GB RAM with the latest super Retina XDR displays. The upper variants may be get released in LTE as well. The lower two variants has 3 rear view cameras, where as upper variants  to have 3 rear view cameras, with the all new  feature of LiDAR scanner.

Bold  Features

       As stated above, the new I Phone 12 has new LiDAR scanner feature along with 5G connectivity. Apart from all these, the new I Phone 12 series has A 14 Bionic chip, which smaller, but tougher. It is a 5 nano meter processor, but it is power efficient than ever before. It can give comparable performance to the new Mac Book pro and most importantly It has new customized and optimized iOS 14.

stay tuned for more updates. thank you.

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