K-Dramas to watch

If this is your first time watching K-dramas or you’re just looking for a new one to watch….i got you covered! Here are a few K-dramas i personally loved watching.

  1. IT’S OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY (2020)

Its a story that revolves around two brothers Moon Gang-tae and Moon Sang-tae. Gang-tae is a health worker at a psychiatric hospital and Sang-tae, his older brother with Autism Spectrum Disorder and a phobia for butterflies due to a childhood trauma which causes them to move from one place to another every year. These two cross paths with an antisocial children’s book author Ko mun-young, who has a traumatic childhood of her own. From there on they solve their own mysteries and face their fears, telling us that it is definitely okay to not be okay.

As heavy as it sounds it is filled with humor and emotional moments which bring tears to the our eyes. The script is written wonderfully and the actors do justice to their roles. It is definitely a must watch!

2. REPLY 1988 (2015)

Reply 1988 is the third installment of the reply series. It follows the life of five friends – Sung Duk-seon, Sung Sun-woo, Kim Jung-hwan, Choi Taek and Ryu Dong-Ryong as they navigate their life through high school to adulthood with light- hearted comedy, family, love and the beauty of life and changing time. It is set in neighborhood of Ssangmun-dong in the year of 1988.The actors bought the characters to life and filled it with warmth and color that the viewer watching it can feel.

3. SKY CASTLE(2018)

Unlike the previous two dramas this ones a little intense and dark. It is set in the fictional residential area of Sky Castle. The people residing here are either doctors or lawyers who have studied in prestigious colleges and wanted their children to follow their foot steps. The housewives/ mothers will go to any extent to make that happens.

It is satirical drama which mocks the competitive and corrupt education systems. It is thriller mystery which follows the stories of five household and a certain shady and scary tutor with a certain sense of dark humor and moments which give the audience goosebumps. It is definitely worth the watch.

4. HOTEL DEL LUNA (2019)

And now coming to the mystical and alluring Hotel Del Luna. Hotel Del Luna or also known a Guest house of the moon has accommodated its unique guests for centuries.It is not just any hotel it is supernatural link between the mortal world and the after life.The bold vivacious and moody Jung Man-wol has been the owner of the hotel for over 1300 years she along with her ghost staff and a human manager run the hotel. She is forced to run the Guest house of the moon as a punishment for killing dozens of people but what happens when she takes a liking to a certain human manger? managers have come and gone whats so special about this one?

One mortal and a bunch of ghost, what happens when their worlds mix?


Cha Eun-Ho is a writer and a chief editor at a publishing company. Kang Dan-i a mother, former copywriter and Eun-Ho’s childhood friend is looking desperately for a job after her divorce, due to her impressive career background and qualifications she is unable to find one. So whats happens when she finally land a job at the same publishing company as Eun-ho by lying about her qualifications.

A jovial drama with a independent, head strong female lead, a little bit of underlying mystery and of course a love story or two.

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