Was Lockdown a success?

Are indians stupid ??
In India the police were beating up the people roaming outside on the street!!  You must’ve heard it and seen it on whatsapp as well .
What do you think was right or wrong ? but the bigger question is WHY ??
Why do the police have to do this ? It has been more than 3 months since the county was in lockdown  . I  myself had not gone out of my house in the time span of 3 months and I was losing my mind ! Being jailed at home was difficult but that did not mean one can go down and play or go for a walk every evening in the colony . How does it matter ? Nobody was infected in my society after all , How does it matter? I have a strong immune system ,How does it matter ? I am washing my hands every time! This thinking is DANGEROUS and this small mindset is a big side effect.  Before we find a cure to the virus , we need to cure our mindset first !!  

When the lockdown was announced  the situation in delhi was very bad ,where thousands of workers started going back to their villages . Somebody had  spread this rumor that  buses are coming from UP to take them home whereas till that time there was no official announcement  .Because of this rumor there was chaos during lockdown . Who was responsible for this chaos – The virUS or US ? At Least 22 migrants lost their lives not because of the virus but because of the thought process and the shut down . THE LOCKDOWN WAS NECESSARY BECAUSE WE LIVE IN A COUNTRY where people prefer meeting their friends ,roaming on bikes even during a lockdown . Lockdown was for  those people who lack common sense !

Were we that stupid that when we were asked to sit at home for  a day and come just to the balcony, Then at 5pm people came out from their houses  and started playing garba on street. Are we  that stupid that people thought a religion can save us from a panedemic ? People started  spreading rumors like this while being at home. I  can’t imagine what they would do if they were out of their houses .Stupid people spread  fake news during a crisis !! and because of rumores like this so many states suffered. Because of these people it was impossible to make a policy that  protects us from the virus  and protect the people and their jobs as well. 
There’s only one cure for this mindset – a big heart .
On the other hand people understood the importance of lockdown ,many people kept politics aside and did what they could do at their level .People took care of their family ,Many people had helped a lot so the people had no savings .

But after all these pros and cons of the lockdown , the last important thing is that yes lockdown was a success as india was named in one of the country who were dealing with this crisis in a very good manner and was recognised by WHO as well for controlling the pandemic very well  in lockdown , so yes the lockdown was a success .  

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