Art and culture of Karnataka

From its exuberant art and culture of multilingual ethnicity, astounding dance forms, mesmerising music, sophisticated heritage, zealous festivities, elegant clothing and delectable cuisine Karnataka has a plethora of historical secrets, interwoven within a rich and varied culture. It is a major tourist attraction with cities like Bangalore, the scenic Coorg, the lesser known hill town of Chikmagalur, and heritage sites like Hampi, which attract countless people every year. Karnataka offers a little something for everyone, be it a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or someone looking to immerse oneself in its cultural heritage. It is home to various tribes, the unique Siddi community, many Tibetan refugees, the anthropological enigma that is the Kodava community and others, who contribute to its own unique culture.
Earlier, painting involved not only the act itself but the entire process, from making one’s colours to watching as they come to life. Paper, wood, cloth, etc. were some of the materials artists used as a base for their paintings. Brushes weren’t made from synthetic materials but were made from the original hair of animals like camels, goat, and squirrel. The Mysuru style of paintings usually are representations of legends, mythical scenes, and the royal family. This style of painting from Karnataka is known for its simplicity and intricate detailing across the country. The artists used a particular gesso paste, consisting of zinc oxide and gum, which formed a protective layer on the painting, which has kept them undamaged even after 150 years.

Karnataka is home to 50 different tribes, each having their traditions and customs. Tribal art is another indigenous art form. Hase Chitra mud painting is an art form emerging from the Shimoga and Karwar districts and is currently being revived. 

Languages of Karnataka

The diversity of Karnataka isn’t just in its art and history but also in religious and linguistic ethnicity. Combined with their long histories, the cultural heritage of the state lies in its language. The Kannadigas envelope most of the state that comprises 30 districts, while Karnataka is also home to Kodavas, Tuluvas, and Konkanis
Kannada is spoken as a native language by about 74% of the people of Karnataka. 
The native speakers of Tulu called Tuluvas also form a dominant ethnic community of Karnataka. Tuluvas cover most of Dakshina Karnataka, Udupi, Kasargod of Kerala which is often termed as Tulu Nadu. The Tuluvas form 2.38% of the total population of Karnataka. 
Beary or Byari is spoken by the Muslim communities of Dakshina Kannada and Udipi districts. This language has influences of Malayalam, Arabic and Kannada

Music of Karnataka

The only state that flourishes with both Hindusthani music from North and Carnatic music from the south is Karnataka. 

What is Karnataka famous for?

Close to the Arabian Sea and the Lacca dive Sea, Karnataka is known for its beautiful yet unpopulated beaches and rich culture. … The state is famous for its natural, cultural and architectural heritage and there are plenty of places one can visit on his/her trip to Karnataka.

Dance of Karnataka

The ritual dances of Karnataka are known as Kunitha. One such dance is the Dollu Kunitha, a popular dance form accompanied by singing and the beats of decorated drums. This dance is primarily performed by men from the shepherd or Kuruba caste.

Famous food

The main food items are Jowar and wheat rotis, accompanied by a variety of spicy curries, pickles and buttermilk. The South Karnataka cuisine is dominated by steamed rice, and ragi(finger millet) and the traditional dish is the Ragi ball (Ragi mudde)

Atmosphere of this beautiful state

Winters start from January and last till February, during winters the climate of Karnataka remains pleasant. Every region of Karnataka experiences cold winter-wave and average temperature falls between 32°C to 20°C or even below that. Karnataka receives a delightful shower during months of October and November.

Behaviour of Karnataka people

They are very sweet as like their sweet Payasum . They love to interact with different kind of people and they obey their guest..

Must visit Karnataka it is a dream City with pure atmosphere. (no pollution)

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