Internet for aspiring engineers

Engineering is being one of the most popular courses since few decades, especially in India. But, the idea of exactly what a engineer is ?.. lacking among most of us. That’s ok, not a problem…..because our’s is a nation, where most of the people recently got being aware about education. So, it takes sometime to build strong educational infrastructure and awareness among us. This process, can be done faster only when all of us actively take up initiatives on our own, which indirectly affects the whole nation’s growth.

Internet been a great game changer, without which the technology evolution would be infinitesimally small. Do you know, India is providing internet at very cheap price than any other countries in the world. So,we are really lucky to have easy access to such powerful resource. So, i will get started to atleast introduce you with one interesting thing and you will start using it, when necessary.

Engineering definitely demands creativity and also knowledge. There are humongous amount of resources available, but sometimes only few delivers the best content and meets our requirements. I just want to give you a few names of websites to find about your academics. But, engineers should also have sound knowledge of basics, mostly of class 11 and class 12, through only helps us to understand further concepts. Toppr is one the best website provides you with free content,in a creative way. Embibe, will be a best source for solving questions and provide you with analytical reports and schedules. Vedantu,byjus,unacademy,askiitians, are the other few that provides various articles on individual topics.

Now, to getting onto the engineering academics, there are no specific websites that fulfills all of your interest, because various colleges design curriculum in their own way. But, The knowledge we learn always gives us an extra edge over others. It is always necessary to follow up the trends of education and industrial requirements. so, we have to follow some premium resources, and for us it’s better to refer the websites and social pages of iits,nits and government organisations. They always be helpful to measure our position nationally.

khan academy, edx, coursera, futurelearn, cisco will be some best resources to learn courses for free, but can obtain certificate by paying some money after completion of your course. Nptel is one of the best resource available to all, and also can value your learning by getting certificate at very reasonable pay, after giving a test.

here comes up with good youtube channels…iisc banglore, 3blue1brown,crashcourse, Neso academy, Tutorial point, mathsindepth, allaboutelectronics, letslearn,math-u- see, nptel, gradeup, seeker, IMA video, quanta magazine are few channels.

And there were few channels that able to improve your lifestyle, and are mike boyd, wall street journal, quint, mind your decisions, mind valley, momspresso, tedx, fightthenewdrug,cs dojo, kodegod,timelabpro, fearless soul, phlearn and many more.

There is always many more to explore in your own style, but every resource above directs towards various perspectives. pdfdrive, internet archive, z-library for books and for basic programming w3schools, tutorialpoint,javatpoint,sololearn, programiz, and others.