Social media in today’s era

Priya Yadav,
Social Media creates a virtual world through the internet which the user can access using any social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). In today’s era, social media has become an important part of life, which has many features, such as providing information, entertaining, and educating. About 700 million people in India’s 125 billion populations have phones. From which 25 crore people have smartphones in their pockets. 155 million people visit Facebook every month and 16 crore people live on WhatsApp every month.
While social media plays a positive role, some people also misuse it. By using social media incorrectly, such people try to divide people by spreading maliciousness. Misleading and negative information is shared through social media, which adversely affect the public. And through social media, also there have been many developmental works that have enriched democracy, which has increased the unity, integrity secularism, socialist qualities of any country.
These days, the increasing trend of social media has not only caught the youth, but even the teenage students have not been able to stay away from its attraction. The habit of accessing these websites until the morning and before going to sleep at night has left the children far away from the real world. When the students sitting with their hands on their mobile phones will have time to introspect. The main reason for the increasing problem of stress among students is their increasing busyness on social media.
Disadvantages of social media
Loss of memory
According to a study done by social media, more use of social media has the opposite effect on memory. Important information is not safe in the minds of such people. Actually, in spare time, the brain works to secure information. But even in free people are busy in online activities, due to which their mind is not able to get rest and it directly affects their memory.
Communication skills are lacking
There is a lack of sociality in students who are always engaged in online conversation, that is why they avoid communication face to face with people in private, due to which they lack communication skills while every area of life, whether academic or having professional, excellent communication skills is very important because the art of effective communication increases your success percentage.
Concentration is affected
Even during studies, most of the attention of the children remain on the message notification on their phones, due to which their attention is not focused on education. The distraction caused by social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. That means the academic performance of students also falls due to distraction.

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