The Absolute Beginner’s Guide To A Healthy Lifestyle

  The secret to a long & happy life lies in genuinely taking interest to follow a healthy lifestyle. Now a mere infatuation doesn’t work wonders unless you take some serious actions about it. Planning & implementation must go hand in hand for success. 

 Although many of us lead quite a stressful & demanding life. But what people tend to neglect is their health. Lost in the glitters of this golden & glamourous life accompanied with the intake of all sorts of junks & drinks. People forget to lead a healthy life. Thus causing to end up suffering from various ailments & hospital visits. So isn’t it wiser to spend some extra calories than spending some extra bucks upon hospital visits & medicines? 

  Following are the five ways enlisted to declutter an unhealthy lifestyle & replace it with rather a healthy one relating majorly with physical, mental & emotional well-being:

1] Healthy Eating Habits 

   To begin with, start with some good, wholesome & filling breakfast. As the word itself is self-explanatory, ‘break-fast’; refers to breaking the fasting period of the previous night. But ironically most teenagers these days, this fasting is often broken up by late-night snacks.

 Next following one must pay attention to healthy eating throughout the day. Avoid junks & get more of greens included in your meals. Make sure you have your meals at a constant time every day. Minor deviations more or less can be ignored. And don’t forget to grab some fruits, milk & sprouts as well. 

 Also if you’re an over-eater, inculcate a habit of eating in controlled portions. Also, give some time & chew your food properly.

2] Exercise Daily 

   Physical activities ensure a breakdown of the calories gained by your body. Thus it is the golden key to maintaining a healthy regime. Kick-start your day with some early morning yoga or a brisk walk. One may also consider joining the gym or aerobic classes if necessary. Bicycling is yet another excellent escape for the same. A great cardiovascular workout indeed. 

 Some more insignificant add-ons can be going for a trek or so on weekends, switching to taking stairs rather than lifts, or walking nearby places than using transport/vehicle. These small steps shall add up to make some positive changes in your lifestyle.

3] Stay Hydrated

   Now traditionally it’s said that on an average a person must drink 8-ounce glasses of water daily. As it not only improves body metabolism but also boosts skin health & beauty. So if you are someone suffering frequently from skin problems, now you know what you do. 

 Constantly sipping down water regulates kidney filtration thus flushing out toxins from the body & boosting the immune system. That in turn helps to fight off diseases.

4] Get Some Good Sleep

    The brain clears away the debris accumulated by you during the day. Quality sleep can be marked by key points like : 

 a) falling asleep within 30 minutes 

 b) Sleeping at least 85% of the total time while in bed 

 Conventionally, it’s said to get a good 7-9 hours of solid sleep. Now if you are someone who’s insomniac it’s likely to result in you to some fatigue, forgetfulness & lack of focus. 

 Some trivial add-on steps to your bedtime routine may include some leisure book reading & freeing yourselves from laptop or phone screens. Also, consider keeping your cell phones at least 1m away from yourself. As the researchers have found out that, they emit radiations that may penetrate into the brain contributing to some poor sleep.

5] Music Therapy 

     Music is often used to promote mental & emotional health. It is said to also improve the quality of life for people with any sort of problem. Studies have shown that listening to your favorite tracks before bed can improve the quality of your sleep.

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