Book Review of Me Before You

When I was recommended about this book by my friend, I simply thought it to be absurd that someone could wish to die in his own will! I was horrified and curious as to what all the matter was this about. But the thing I didn’t know at that time was, life can sometimes mess your life so bad, there is no solution either than just stop thinking about it..

Me Before You is a beautiful and meaningful book written by Jojo Moyes. Not gonna spoil it for you, don’t worry, but the concept written by her is really deep. Honestly, at first, I thought ,the book would turn out to be like a fairytale, with everything just happy…but as I kept reading, the story took a quite dramatic turn. The story is about a girl named Louisa, who is a really optimistic person, measures the distance through the number of footsteps she takes and works in a cafe. She has a boyfriend, a fitness trainer, Patrick.

Fun fact –  When the book was adapted into a movie, the role of Patrick was played by Matthew Lewis (yes! the one who played Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter!!)

Everything turns into a mess when she loses her job, where the story actually starts with the male lead – Will Traynor, an energetic and out going guy, until he met with a pedestrian accident after which he became a quadreplegic . When you read the book, you have so many mixed emotions that you can’t even describe it .It’s just there. I still remember myself, hugging my knees in the corner of my room, crying after reading the book.  Seriously, it took me 5 freaking days to balance my thoughts with my mother grumbling as to why  I was  crying over a book character ( it’s not just a book character!)

My heart did a backflip  after reading every page of the book. Addicted,that’s what I was, just had to know what happens next! The story also introduces us  to a new concept: death. Now, you might say, that we all know what is death, okay!  But…do we?

Now , not many of us know the Non – Profit society named Dignitas, in Switzerland, which offers death with dignity. Intially meaning, ‘assisted suicide’.

The method usually includes an oral dose of an antiemetic drug, followed by an overdose of pentobarbital which is given, dissolved in water, which initially tends to depress the central nervous system, making the person fall asleep. This proceeds to coma , making the person’s respiration slowdown, eventually resulting in a respiratory arrest. Dignitas was founded by Ludwig Minelli on 17 May, 1998. He was a Swiss lawyer  who had specialised in human rights law. The society works for the ones who suffer with terminal and mental illnesses.

Now death is a pretty sensitive and controversial topic.We live because of some ambitions.Fro some important people. For ourselves. For a better future. Everybody hopes for such things. But is the need broken when every important thing and people are snatched away from us? The answer is..we don’t know. It’s just one of the many things, which we simply don’t know.When we know that there is no hope to live, while everyday waking up, only wishing it to be over already, where your loved ones, have moved forward in their own lives while you still lay there. Where you feel like an outsider even when you are with the closest people you know. When everyone gazes at you with pity….

But you know what? He is happy. Happy that, even he had some happy moments. Some memories which he will cherish. Because memories can’t be changed. Don’t live life to the fullest. Live a life which is worth it.  This book teaches so many things in just a few lines, I myself was beyond amazed!

The conclusion? Well, just like William Henley ( a famous poet, don’t confuse him  with Will Traynor!) said ,’I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.’

Our thoughts, our actions, our influences, only they matter. One gets thousands of opinions throughout his life. But guess what? Only my opinion matters in my life,because I am going to take the decision.

Phew! That was a lot of philosophy, now wasn’t it? I was so inspired by the book, I literally called all of my friends and recommended, forced more like ,to read the book. ( Ya! call me annoying)

The ending of the book is..just! 

Lastly, the movie adaptation. The movie production put on a lot of hard work, trust me..but, I would still recommend the book more!

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The book is followed by a sequel, ‘After you’ published in 2015 proceeded by one sequel  ‘Still me’  which were not that famous but just as great!!!!

The order of the trilogy –

  1. Me Before You
  2. Still me

Happy readings!!

Note: This review was not written to offend anyone. 

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