COVID-19 and Mental Health

The worst impact of the pandemic, apart from our country’s economy, has been on mental health. People’s mental health problems are either dismissed or they are forced to carry the ‘crazy’ label put on them by society. In India, there is little to no awareness about mental health. Our country’s mental health crisis is reflected by related statistics. For instance, there are only three psychiatrists for every one million people.  We see today’s youth endlessly working towards this goal, from organising public events aimed at raising mental health awareness online as well as offline to providing help to those who need it. However, a significant change in society’s collective attitude towards such issues is yet to be observed. 

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the stressors have increased tremendously, be it personal, professional or financial. Introduction of the novel coronavirus which has instantly put the entire world in lockdown and its consequences have caused severe damage to people’s mental health. Fear, anxiety, frustration is being faced by every single person affected by the pandemic. Isolation, quick adaptation to technology, routine disruption, loss of employment, increase in screen time, fear of the deadly disease, and many more factors have greatly contributed to an increase in mental health problems.

Without any further ado, let’s discuss some of the ways which you may find helpful in these difficult times:

  1. Meditation 

Since time unknown, meditation has been crowned as a way to relax your mind. From Buddha attaining enlightenment to Katy Perry finding inner peace, meditation has never let humanity down. Assuming a cross-legged sitting position and focusing on your breathing can do wonders for your mind and body. Resting your mind by freeing it from all thoughts and emotions can help you release stress and put your mind at ease. As it can be carried out without an instructor as well, it tops the list of stress-relieving methods in lockdown.

2. Maintain a journal

These days writing every day in your journal may not seem like the best idea because of the monotonous routine and lack of motivation but it will greatly help your mind. Bottling up your emotions and thoughts instead of expressing them can truly affect your greatest asset, your mind. So, pick up the journal collecting dust on your table and write. Remind yourself of the things that you are grateful for, write about everything that brings you joy and, most importantly, write about the events that upset you, the emotions blazing in your mind. 

3. Monitor and modify your routine

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. One of the key ways to feel active and motivated is by getting 8 hours of sleep because nothing works better than losing yourself in the wonderland of dreams. Another is a proper, well-balanced diet which will provide you with the much-needed energy to win your daily battles. Recreational activities are also important for a healthy routine, you may take a walk, play an outdoor game (keeping in mind the coronavirus)  or stretch your legs with a good workout session. 

Having a positive mindset, trying new things, talking about your feelings with your loved ones, spending quality time with your family or your four-legged friends can be rejuvenating and will surely help you to release stress. Never hesitate to seek professional help as your mind needs just as much help as your body. 

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