Priya Yadav,
Depression is a common and serious medical illness that puts negative effects on your thinking, functioning, and ability to feel. Fortunately, the treatment of this depression is available in the world nowadays. There are many direct and indirect reasons for this depression, such as physical illness or physical abuse, financial tightness, job loss, inferiority complex, or social honor due to any reason. Similarly, college students too can easily become a victim of depression. There can be many reasons for this, such as the study pressure of college students has increased a lot these days and they have to face many problems like new responsibilities, personal finance management at the same time. Sometimes it is very challenging for these students to start their new life in a college, hostel, or PG in an unknown city, which usually increases their sadness and stress levels. Now if you as a college student will keep a good knowledge of depression, then you will never be afraid of depression and you will be able to live a balanced life.
Anxiety, apathy, dissatisfaction, emptiness, guilt, despair, mood swings, nervousness, or pleasure-giving actions, not even feeling of happiness. In depression, a person is distressed, either sad or depleted of his energy. In a situation that affects his mental level, a person feels very stressed and relieved. He is unable to recognize his own power and is always in a state of helplessness. He is always surrounded by despair and does not like anyone around him. He feels lonely. No matter what is said in a joke, it gets pierced like an arrow, connects everything with itself, and suspects everyone. By remembering the past or remembering the past, weeps alone. He does not tell his mind to anyone because he does not believe in his ultimate benefactors nor on God, he always curses them for their situation.
Some patients are speechless, express anger, show irritability, show extreme anger, hate, and some are introverted. For them, depression causes a very serious situation, adopting a monogamous lifestyle, they go into intense silence, and this state reduces their heart rate completely, which can sometimes lead to their death. Some depressed individuals who are busy working during the day stay away from the state of depression, but as soon as they are alone then they drown in the same past or worry about the future. He is able to enjoy present moments for a very short time. If there is a possibility of something bad happening in your mind at all times, then there is a danger of going into depression. Under this, people keep thinking ‘I have failed in everything’. People also have depression due to some medical reasons, one of which is low activation of the thyroid. Depression can also occur in the side effects of some medicines. These include some medicines used to reduce blood pressure.
Not only this, depression can also happen without any specific reason. It does it slowly at home and instead of trying to help you keep fighting with it. In women, the chances of being depressed are double than in men, some of the reasons are related to hormones. Symptoms of depression in women are seen as overeating, excess sleep, weight gain, guilt, feeling depressed. Depression can cause a person to even think of committing suicide. During the depression, a person can feel completely helpless and can see the solution to all the problems in ending his life. If someone talks to you about suicide then he is probably suffering from depression, and he is just giving you his Not only is he telling you, but he is screaming for help, and you must help him. And if you see yourself doing this, then without delay you should seek the help of experts.

Difference between sadness and depression
It is important to know the difference between sadness and depression. We are all sad and almost daily but then soon become normal, but if the sadness continues for a long time (at least two weeks) and its impact on our daily life then this becomes depression. Actually, it is a disorder associated with neuro, which occurs when there is a change in the part of the brain that controls the mood. Anyone can come in the grip of this. It is believed that 1 in 5 adults is a victim of depression once in life. By the way, not only children are also victims of depression, especially due to quarrels among parents, poor school results, or friendship with a particular friend. In such a situation, the role of the parents is that if they see the child for a week, then they should definitely take it to the psychologist.

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