Drugs: Dependency to Despondency

Today when you Google the definition of DRUGS, you come across a chemical, used as medicine, although illegal, taken by people to feel pleasant and excited feelings. And somewhere defined as stressbuster to deal with anxiety. Is it so? To answer it let’s look at an case;

    Some time back, a friend of Shruti died tragically young. He was a pillar of the community, and Shruti was honored to learn that he wanted her to play oboe [an instrument] at his memorial service which would be attended by hundreds of people. Although Shruti had performed in countless concerts filled with thousands of people, but the thought of performing at funeral of such an honored man was nerve cracking compounded with the fact she herself going to mourn for her friend. But in the end, she was able to gather up the courage to play beautifully and received dozens of compliments after performing. Her one friend asked about how she handled her nerves. She honestly told him that she just didn’t know and just hope for the best. In contrary to this, he said for such high pressure performances, he always uses beta blocker- a prescription medication for clinical anxiety.

 But certainly we wouldn’t even faulted Shruti if she had sought out for such prescription of drug when she learned about her friend request to perform at his funeral. It’s an exceptional situation and if some medication could help, wouldn’t be it better for all concerned. But if musicians routinely depend upon such for every performance where would it stop? Should we even prescribe such medications to students who have their studies and career pressure? What if a professor says he/she needs to take modafinil [a drug] to overcome stress and for pacing his/her career? Where will it going to end? One’s occasional boost might become chemical dependency in near future.

What if everyone was taking the pills to keep up their pace and the one who restrained to such, wouldn’t it be cheating to such person? Definitely, yes. The main problem youth today deals because of their prospective. They believe that drugs aren’t causing any harm rather they make them feel better but deep inside its true that their happiness for today will be their addiction tomorrow. Even if drugs with ‘no side effects’ are made, after sometime their primary usage purpose gonna become their side effects in form of dependency. You are going to take that pill for every task, that dependency itself is the side effect.

Imagine a scenario where there are no side effects associated with usage of drugs, cognitive and physical both, so we really improve our efficiency or we even work more than others. Then, Think of what we accomplish! If a person’s life becomes all work, no down time, no relaxation, no stress, no interactions, ever I’m not so sure that’s a life even worth living? It changes your whole personality and even disturbs routine with impacting your caliber. And you may not be even in position of realizing it. 

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