How are industries changing due to Coronavirus Outbreak

The recent global COVID-19 pandemic has proved to be a game-changer for majority of us. It really changed the way we used to behave and perceive things in our daily life. We all are experiencing a ‘new normal’ together.

In this article, we are going to discuss that how industries are changing and adopting new trends to shape up their business. So without any further delay, let’s dive in. Have a happy reading ahead.

Education Industry

In this pandemic crisis, children are missing the school and college environment, as they have caged down at home for an uncertain time. Digital and online education has grown fast in this COVID-19 era. Many colleges and schools are adopting different platforms for online teachings and providing assignments to students online. Even online exams are now being held. This is newest thing to happen, that we never imagined ever.

Many faculties are even facing problems to clear the concept of the lesson taught. Therefore, they are using pre-recorded audios and videos to clear the concept. Sometimes even videos are being present in front of student to make them understand the concept. Coaching and home teaching are really suffering back as they have few resources and facilities to avail online teachings. Online platforms like- TCSion platform, Google classroom, MS Teams, Zoom, Byju’s are being used.

Entertainment Industry

We all are missing the movie halls. Right? The cheers and shout of the crowd has lost somewhere. We are missing looking at big screen and eating popcorn. We are really in an uncertain stage, when we will get back this. We are maintaining social distances as virus can get transmitted. Therefore, many big budget movies are being released in online platforms like-Hotstar, Netflix, Disney Hotstar, Voot, Amazon Prime and many more. These have become our priority than a luxury.

These movies are really winning our hearts after a long break and we are adoring them. The nostalgic feeling is being kept alive by the T.V channels.

Work Industry

It has being since a long time, when we used to go to our office and work there. We used to talk face to face with our team mates. We are missing the gossip and energetic workplace right now, as our office has been shifted to home, so called ‘work from home’.

Discussions are made online over video call and conference. Sometimes internet issues are creating problem and making delay in the work. There are many organizations still managing to cope up with this online platforms.

But we will sure cope up with this situation and adaptation of tools and online platforms will help us to experience the magic of internet. It will help us to experience exponential growth.

Hospitality Industry

Hotels and restaurants have been closed since a long time. We don’t know when these are going to open. Many small industries are facing problem due to this condition. The future revenue is really uncertain.

Online and home food delivery started as 30 -50% of the hospitality industry may permanently shut down. This has made us realise the value of branding and good quality services in this industry. Hygiene has become the main concern to attract customers now-a-days.

Self-care Industry

We all got lost in our busy schedules. We forgot to keep our mind and body to treat well. In this pandemic we have realised the importance of self-care during our negative times. We became aware that to lead a healthy life, we need to boost our mind by keeping it motivated all the times.

Doing exercises, reading motivational quotes, having healthy diets and keeping our minds has increased a lot in this global pandemic time.

So we are being forced to adopt the ‘new normal digitalization life’ everyday. These are creating or opening new opportunities in business but at the cost of huge economic loss. Many other industries like tourism, real-estate have also been heavily impacted. Worker must need to adopt the new skills in this new normal situation as change is the permanent thing to happen.


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