How to Engage with your audience during COVID-19

In this pandemic crisis, keeping our audience engage is the main target of business organizations. So today, in this article we are going to discuss how to keep your audience engage during this uncertain time of crisis-COVID-19 era.

So without any further delay, Let’s begin. Have a great reading time ahead.

What will be your considerations:

As there is no face-to face communication in this particular crisis time, so you have to keep in mind certain strategies and key considerations regarding engaging your audience in this time.

Remember that, in this period of time, customers or audience are not at all interacting with brands and they are shopping only the daily-necessity essentials. They are not attending events or bumping up against your service or company, as they used to do in normal times. So as a result, you may face drawback. Therefore you must be prepared to increase your normal of providing to compensate for the customers.

Do not do this carelessly, as it might loose your customer but try to do this job or work very sensitively as brand loyalty gets attached to the customers.

Method: An Important Chanel:

You must know that the consuming of information and buying ideas has undergone certain changes during this COVID-19 era. In the past few weeks, online shopping and using of social media increased a lot. New apps came into the market, to keep audience engage .

Searches for online platforms like Zoom, Google classroom, Skype, Microsoft Teams has been increased by 96% .

So you must review your channels and try to focus on what channels are being used by your audience. Try to re-organise your efforts there. If you are not sure, try to conduct a research on consumer behaviour or you can talk to your members of target market directly, and can come out with better solution. Try not to avoid but to engage your customers with your organisation in this crisis time. It helps a lot.

Collateral Damage:

You must keep a look on the social media channels and website- as are they really saying right rights about you and your company. If they are not providing correct thing about your company, it can hamper your business image. It can also create damage to brand loyalty and your brand might take a lot of time to repair that damage.

Provide and change message Pattern

You have to change your message patterns according to the circumstances to engage your audience. As business status has undergone changes from past few months, it is highly necessary to change.

You have ask yourself that in this crisis time, what your product can alleviate benefit. If your product cannot reduce the pain of customers, your product is of no use.

Make a clear purpose to sell your product and always try to provide correct information regarding the product. Communicating in a a right way also helps to gain customers in this pandemic time and helps in engaging them with your brand.


People are looking for their tribes at this particular movement- which group they belong to. So it is the perfect time to engage. It is very help as it taps the challenges of limited shopping opportunities and get solutions to your problems. Try to put fun items and also ask your audience to put and show their own ideas also. There must be two-way communication as one way communication cannot engage any customers.

Each and every brand will have the opportunity to engage their audience. You just have to know the opportunities and act accordingly to fulfil your brand purpose.

Measure your result:

Try to measure your results in every challenging time. It will help a lot to know where your business and brand is lacking behind and what are the future or further steps you need to take to engage or attract more audience to your brand.

So actually in order to engage your customer in this global pandemic time, you need to look into reviewing your channels of communication, check the sites where are your customers right now. Create and re-new your old strategies and messages, check your social media, do they provide right things about your brand, focus on two way or grape-vine communication channel as it engages more customers and lastly try to measure your results.

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