Who doesn’t love a good K-Drama? Korean dramas or K-Dramas as they are fondly called, have been loved worldwide for a long time. More recently, its popularity has begun to reach greater heights because of Netflix, Viki, Viu, WeTv and other streaming services getting more and more dramas under their purview. The widespread access powered by such streaming services which offer subtitles in multiple languages has inevitably added to the rise in popularity.

A good laugh, a good cry, some nerve-wrecking moments, or a good dose of butterflies in your stomach, these dramas have it all. So, without further ado, let me introduce some classics and some underrated dramas that are worth a watch.

  • Hot Stove League- irrespective of whether or not you know anything about Baseball, this drama has a lot to offer. The story is well written, the character building is near perfect, it offers the kind of inspiration that we all need. At the end of the story, you would find yourself fully satisfied with every aspect and a certain fondness for each and every character. Looking for something to binge-watch? You know what to do. Cast- Namkoong Min, Park Eunbin. Genre- Sports. Where to watch- Viki app

  • Crash Landing on You- this drama is a gem. It has a powerful cast, great chemistry between the leads, and an impeccable soundtrack to go with it. While the episodes are on the longer side, there is never a dull moment in this one. This is a must watch for all romance freaks. Cast- Hyunbin, Son Yejin, Kim Junghyun, Seo Jihye. Genre- Romance. Where to watch- Netflix

  • Memorist- what happens when a detective has the unique ability to see all of a person’s memories upon touching them? This skill definitely comes in handy in his search to hunt down a serial killer. But the path isn’t as straight-forward as he’d like. If you’re looking for a thriller, Memorist is for you. Cast- Yoo Seungho, Lee Seyoung. Genre- Mystery, Fantasy. Where to watch- Viki

  • The King: The Eternal Monarch- if plot twists and the concept of time-travel interests you, this one is a must watch. Just when you’d think that you’ve got the hang of it, the writer drops yet another plot twist. While the build up of the story would seem a bit slow, each and every detail is well thought of and very well executed. Backed by a strong cast and great chemistry between the leads, this is one that you wouldn’t want to miss. Cast- Lee Minho, Kim Goeun, Woo Dohwan. Genre- Fantasy, Romance. Where to watch- Netflix

  • One More Happy Ending/Happy Once Again- this drama was released in 2016 and remains an underrated gem till date. This drama is full of fun and it uses a formula of portraying various love stories whilst keeping the story engaging simultaneously. If you’re a fan of ‘childhood friends turned lovers’ this one will not disappoint. Cast- Jang Nara, Kwon Yul, Jung Kyungho, Yoo Dain, Yoo Inna, Seo Inyoung. Genre- Romantic-Comedy. Where to watch- Netflix

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