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From Rags To Riches : The Inspiring Journey Of Lalithaa Jewellery Owner  'Kiran Kumar' | Wirally
lalitha jewellery in Chennai

Lalitha jewellery is owned by Mr. KiranKumar. It was first founded and established in Madras (Chennai).within no time the Lalitha Jewelry had gained the trust of its customers and reached great heights amidst very tough competition of other famous jewelries. But we have to admit that there is nothing that comes straight into our hands. Whatever we have to achieve will come to us only if we work hard and smart. This is the same thing that happened in the ejection of Lalitha Jewelry and its founder Mr.KiranKumar.

Let us now know the history of Mr.KiranKumar and the birth of Lalitha Jewellery

Mr.KiranKumar belonged to a poor family where it was very tough to make their both ends meet. He first his gold business with his mothers bangles.hhe turned those bangles into earrings and went to Madras to sell them. He started doing this when he was seven years old. By the time he as 14, he sincerely decided to earn money as he cannot see his family in such a helpless situation. The situation was like that where his family can’t take food for at least 2 times a day. At the age of 14, Mr.KiranKumar decided to change his family’s fate and decided to do gold marketing. He is the only man from his family who does gold marketing. None of his family or his ancestors has neither relation with this field nor entered this field. The only reason why Mr.KiranKumar had chosen this field is that Nellore was and is very good at gold trading.

From Rags To Riches : The Inspiring Journey Of Lalithaa Jewellery Owner  'Kiran Kumar'

Mr.KiranKumar first decided to learn gold retailing. So as part of that he first joined under a Goldsmith and learnt how a gold piece will be made into a nice designed structure and later there was a doubt for him that where do all these designed pieces go and slowly started learning and digged that deeper. After he knew that he knows something about gold trades he decided to trade the Gold. All this was happened when he was 14.

At the time his mother has four gold bangles each of twelve grams. He asked his mother for those bangles and his mother without saying a single word had given him those bangles as just to make their both ends meet. Mr.Kumar had turned those bangles into earrings of 65 grams and went to Madras to sell those. That was his first earnings and he loved the magic in Gold trading and slowly gained strength and confidence over that.

In this way within 1 year he had profit of 19 Lakhs in his pocket, he had 3 cars within less than a year but he said that those cars were not for his personal use but to travel madras from Nellore to sell the gold with him and take another gold from his dealers to make that into beautiful designs.

Mr.kiran is very genuine and very good at heart which made him success in this field. After Lalitha jewelry became wide, he released an advertisement as part of promotions, which says “daabbulu evariki oorike ravu” which became very famous and bought him more good name. That advertisement touched many hearts.

Mr.Kiran never does promotions with any celebrities but only he though gained popularity and won trust of public. He is very confident about his designs and prices. He made an advertisement that says if anyone wants to make the same design of theirs with another goldsmith or want to enquire price in another showrooms, they will never stop us. We can take a photo of jewelry which is not allowed in any other showrooms, and can enquire price. He guarantees that his showroom is only the one which provides the jewelry at lowest and reasonable prices with best quality of gold.

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