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  Be it ‘ Me Before You’ ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ or ‘Five Feet Apart’ all these good old sad romantics follow the same basic storyline. But I guess maybe because I’ve watched this genre after quite long so I just went away with the flow & am finally reviewing this movie now. 

     Portraying Katie Price this story is set all around her life. She has this rare genomic condition called Xeroderma pigmentosum (XP.) So this meant even the slightest bit of sunrays hitting her skin could make it fatal for her to live. Thus making her homebound since childhood & take homeschooling & other online courses rather than actually attending schools like other normal children of her age. In fact, she was also called a ‘vampire’ back in her childhood by her school friends. This is when she finds her BFF Morgan, who’s always by her side. Sharing their every soul-to-soul talks with each other. 

  Over time she got used to all this, as she’s the kind who accepts fate with open arms & a smile on her face however dire the situation be. This optimistic & carefree attitude is what I absolutely loved about her. With time passing by she had learned how to play the guitar & sing songs. So one such night, at her graduation her father Jack gifted Katie her mother’s guitar. At this, this couldn’t contain her excitement & headed out to the station to play it. 

     This is where she meets Charlie, her only crush she has admired all her life. This couldn’t be a dream right? She was actually face to face with the guy today. Charlie used to be a part of her schedule as she used to spend hours gazing at him through her window & stalking on social media. Confused & utterly shy, she leaves the place in haste. This is when mesmerized Charlie finds a diary she left behind, that she forgot in a hurry. 

    Finally, this results in their second meet, as Morgan & Charlie together setup this little prank on her. This time she finally holds herself together & has some normal conversation with him. This further leads them to more & more hangouts.

Of course, with time both of them grow to like each other more & more. The interesting part is their dates used to be at night, due to obvious reasons. But all this long, Katie didn’t confront Charlie. She used to bring out some lame excuse to not deal with the details about it. As she believed, confronting that will make her life more like a ‘disease’ than a ‘normal human.’ 

   One fine night, when they were casually hanging a serious incident happened. This led Charlie to actually learn the truth thus beans were spilled. Being this concerned & serious boyfriend that he was, he made a research on the disease to collect every speck of information he could. Katie now had started shoving him off because she couldn’t see him in pain.

  This is when Dr Fleming paid her dad a visit. Understanding the severity of the situation, & helplessly fish out ways & means for the unavailable cure Jack breaks up into sobs. The doctor informs him of how her brain had now begun disintegrating & the research studies had stopped due to no funding. As Jack breaks apart saying “Was it for all these days for him to learn, a dad raising his daughter all these years, will one fine day die. Albeit knowing very well there’s no cure to this. It’s heartbreaking to lose your child & finally coming in the face with reality.”

    One fine day, a certain situation or a string of those, caused her dad to realize the growing affection between the two. So, he finally made the two meet. At this point I thought, Charlie could have easily lost his mind. But the way he still holds his sanity in place after meeting her knowing she concealed the truth is a matter of applause.

     In the end, she finally lives her heart out with Charlie. Spending the most beautiful last summer of her life. This made me realize somehow, that there’s a sacrifice in life every time you want something bad. Just when she was compromising with her living all this long, she had her life in return. And vice versa. 

    Sadly, this followed to her tragic demise, leaving her dad all alone. Her boyfriend was now set out to begin his new school in Brooklyn, for he had got his scholarship there. But what touched my heart the most was how both of them fulfilled each other’s incomplete dreams & wishes all this while. Unlike most of these rugged dramas these days, their dates simply meant fulfilling each other’s dreams & wishes and living life up to the most. 

     Even after she left, she had made sure to fulfill his dreams. The best part was when her song got viral. This song was called the “Charlie’s song” by Katie Price. Charlie just like any other night had taken Katie, to realize another of her dream & made her sing at a studio to record. And it suddenly went viral after her demise, which throws a …. of joy to Charlie & Jack. 

     All the songs in the movie are exceptionally phenomenal imbibed with deep meanings. So if you are the one who likes these tear-jerker movies, it’s sure to send chills to down your spine. Also, don’t forget to bring your tissues along. 

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