My Brain Needs You, Pal!…

Linda used to study in a law college. She was an all-rounder. She was good in academics, good in sports, good in extracurricular activities, good in student’s council. She was very famous in her campus and everybody loved her. She had a lot of friends. One day, she was chilling in the canteen with friends. During the conversation, she told them that she is seeing a therapist(psychiatrist) and BANG! All her friends became silent. Everybody escaped from the canteen one by one. Linda couldn’t figure out what was going on. Looking for an answer, she went home.
Linda was going through extra stress and anxiety, that’s why she was taking the treatment.
The next day, Linda reached her friends and tried talking to them but nobody gave her a response. They walked out in front of her. Nobody was talking to her, she was left alone. She felt so bad as she wasn’t at all used to it. She was a talkative human and everybody loved her, but now she was left all alone. This went on for a few days and then Linda stopped coming to college and to her disgrace, nobody even blinked an eye. Then, on one worst day, everybody received the news that she killed herself. Now each of her so-called friends was feeling bad and mourning on social media. But it all remained with if’s and what-ifs!..
Everyone reading this must be feeling sad right now. But it’s the truth we all know. This happens with all of us, maybe with us or we act like this to others. We leave our friends and loved ones in the time when then need us the most. When I was at home, our old classmate joined our flat and within a day or two, my roommates threw him out of the flat. He was suffering from some mental illness and everybody got scared keeping him with them. The friend who was with us for 4 years was left alone when he was ill and later he was admitted. I felt very bad when I came back. Someone really close to me was going through such illness, so I knew it very well. If we have a fever or some physical disease, then people visit us asking for our health, the family takes us to the doctor in time. But when it’s about mental health, everybody tries to avoid it. The family try to hide it, friends stay away from us when they get to know and in this mess, treatment gets late and disease takes over the person. There are many mental conditions such as depression, mania, schizophrenia, and this can happen to anyone. Yes in very few cases, it is genetical but in most of the cases, it gets triggered because of real-life events. Most of the patients get treated well and win over the disease if handled well and within time. Now many will ask me, yes you’re right but how can we help them as we don’t know anything, then why should we take the blame later getting into it. So guys remember the time before the disease when this friend stood by your side in worst situations and now it should be your turn. I feel anyone will prefer helping them rather than mourning when they’re gone.
So what can you do? Just be there for them. These diseases don’t rise in a day, they do take time. We just need to keep an eye and observe our loved ones. Anxiety, stress, overthinking, lost attention in work, lost appetite could be the symptoms. If we could catch it early, then we will win for sure and if ignore it, then it might get fatal. We just need to be there for them, boost their confidence, keep them busy, surround them with positivity and positive thoughts. Meditation plays a magnificent role in conquering these diseases. Today it’s your friend, tomorrow it might be you. Control these diseases before they start controlling your loved ones. Make brain your friend, not the enemy. Take the pledge that you won’t ignore your mental health. The most important thing, let’s heal them with love and affection and not hatred. MENTAL HEALTH IS IMPORTANT, DON’T IGNORE, HEAL YOURSELF!…

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