Mysterious number seven

There are seven rounds in Indian marriage ,There are seven days in a week ,There are seven colors in a rainbow ,There are seven continents and there were seven wonders of the ancient world, there are seven deadly sin ,Some researchers have found that human memory works best when remembering up to — but not more than — seven items There is also a powerful connection between the number seven and the religions of the world. It is believed that god made the world in six days and rested on the seventh day. Scholars have found that the number seven often represents perfection or completeness in the Bible .Seven is also the number of the Sun, Moon, and five classically known planets .seven notes on a musical scale, seven seas ,Snow White ran off to live with seven dwarves…

If we talk about mathematics, number seven has special quality there also as it’s an odd number. Even numbers can be easily divided by two, so odd numbers seem more unique to some people.

Seven is also a prime number, which means it can only be divided by itself and one. Since it’s the largest prime number between one and 10, some people see it as more interesting for that reason .The number seven is the fourth prime number as also a Mersenne prime, the first Woodall prime, the fourth factorial prime, the second lucky and the second safe prime.

Seven is the only number below 15 that cannot be represented as a sum of the squares of three integers.

According to researchers Seven has the highest probability of occurring as an addition when rolling dice .It’s the second lucky prime and the first happy number in mathematics.

Seven not only represents the jackpot on slot machines, but it s also the basis for many myths and folklore. For example, various parts of the world had beliefs about the seventh son of a seventh son, legends that endowed him with magical powers of both the good and evil variety (e.g., the child was believed to have healing powers according to Irish folklore). 

according to research the mathematician Alex Bellos asked 44,000 people to name their favorite number and over 4,000 of them named the number 7, far more than any other number. Indeed, ask people to name a number from one to ten and many will name the number seven — as many magicians know.

Personally seven is my favourite number too…

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