Positive Results for the Russian Vaccine for Covid.

From last 7 to 8 months the virus has hit globally.The virus was generated from the Wuhan from Chinese province and spread all over the world.Most affected country due to this virus is US it is having almost 63,35,653 cases.As moving slowly and steadily coming out of this situation every country is in race for making the vaccine.Recently the Russia has prepared the vaccine and had started the trials.

Russia has already created an vaccine and started its trials.The results of the trial have came as a positive sign for the people as it shows that there are no side or adverse effects after having its doses.All these results are present in Lancet medical journal.It showed a great sign in T-cells a type of white blood cell which destroys the infection.The positive results were in phase 1 and 2 trials.The country’s main aim is for getting international credibility,for this the health officials have heavily criticized.

The name of the vaccine is Sputnik V,named after soviet union 1957 launch of the world’s first satellite into space.The data tells the trials were done in two hospitals.It was done on 76 adults age comprising of around 18 to 60 used a two-part vaccine with two different human adenoviruses which is linked to the common cold.The vaccine was tested on all participants and there was no restriction made.They took the plasma of around 4817 people to compare post-vaccination immunity with natural immunity.Antibody responses were hire who got vaccinated.

As the Russian government is moving ahead for the wider use of these vaccine they are ready for test on medical members and teachers in coming weeks.The investigators tested around 2 types of vaccines namely frozen and freeze-dried.It was used in both phases and all the 40 participants produced antibodies.The frozen vaccine produced the higher antibodies.Russia already started to use this vaccine outside the trial groups for the officials and other prominent people.Vladimir Putin’s daughter got the first dose of it and started to feel good.Even the mayor of Moscow Sergie Sobyanin,62 was also feeling good after taking this vaccine.

A phase 3 trial was approved on Aug 26 for 40000 volunteers from different age and risk groups.It is an positive sign for the world that the first vaccine is going to be registered.As it is the need of the hour material and India is also race in the preparing of the vaccine.So,lets hope the best for the society.

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