Skills or Job what is more important

we always tend to ignore this topic ,everyone is worrying about getting the job but there are very few people that actually focus on the skills. I have seen people just focusing on getting job, whether they are interested or not on the particular profile they just apply without even seeing the job profile. I know Job is important but knowledge is more important,People nowadays fails to understand this simple difference.

Okay! let us understand this,why there is unemployment in India because nobody wants to pay a person who don’t possess knowledge or skill set. There are 100 of engineering colleges in our country.Ever wonder why they are not getting jobs,because students do not focus on practical knowledge they do not focus on what they actually know,If i say i am engineer but i do not know how to solve simple mathematical equation who will hire me?. Even students with more than 8 cg pa are not getting jobs the reason is they just mug up the things and get marks.So just getting marks is not important you must have that skill on your hand.

I have seen students of my batch cheating in order to clear the first round of any campus drive they believe if they will clear the first round they will eventually clear all the rounds and get hired but they totally fails to understand that when you cheat in any exam whether it is for job or anything you are cheating with yourself you are not accepting the fact that you do not know this skill instead focus on gaining knowledge if you will have knowledge any company will hire you.Companies focus on your problem solving abilities work on projects get that skill and then apply.

It mostly happens during on campus drives that students cheats and become so desperate in getting jobs just because there friends are getting placed but they do not sit and understand that this is not the solution focus on what you do not know think for solutions that where you are lacking.But instead they become desperate they sit on any drive even if it is paying less with 2 years of bond,just think settling for less just because you are desperate is not the solution. Think getting 3 lac per year living in a metropolitan city will do no good, you would not save enough money to provide support to your family and moreover you will be stuck for 2 years there will be no development and no skill.

The most important thing if you cheat and get hired what will you do in the training session,companies tests your knowledge then you will be kicked out and here you are with no knowledge, no job and no confidence.

so focus on yourself even if your friends are getting jobs,do not become insecure set your goal for big instead work on your skill set, if you say i m a content writer showcase your work do internship regarding that.If you are from engineering department work on projects showcase that on linked in, Hr’s are searching for talents through linked in if your work is good they will approach you.

Again just run after knowledge not after money.Money will come if you have knowledge,otherwise you will end up nowhere. So skills set is the most important thing you can have Think big!!.

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