Space Opera: A Virtual World

Science fiction is for real, space opera is for fun – Brian W. Aldiss

SPACE OPERA is a subtype of science fiction which is colourful, dramatic, large-scale and full of scientific adventures, which usually focuses on unreal imagination that has a heroic central character and plot action. It is usually set in the relatively distant future, in space or on other planets. It often involves war, piracy, military virtues, and a very large scale action. In space opera, characters are displayed with powerful energy weapons and other advanced technology. There is a difference between Science Fiction and Space Opera. Science Fiction is generic literature which involves a generalization of scientific, engineering or social theories in futuristic ways in terms of settings, science and technology, space and time travel, parallel universe etc. whereas space opera is simply convectional drama in a futuristic or otherwise science-fiction-like setting. Some popular space opera includes THE MASSIVE FRANCHISE, STAR WARS and other films such as BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and BATTLEFIELD EARTH. Space Opera is a story in which science fiction elements are not critical to the plot and could be replaced by planetary equivalents. It usually emphasizes the effect of progress and inventions where the settings are carefully worked out to obey the laws of Physics, Cosmology, Mathematics, Astronomy and Biology. The thrilling experience of space opera with full of space adventures is stupendous for every sci-fi lover. The most famous representatives of space opera are:

E.E. “Doc” Smith

Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

Isaac Asimov

C.J. Cherryh

Orson Scott Card

Dan Simmons

Kevin J. Anderson

Michael F. Flynn

Ann Leckie etc.

Current conventions of space opera:

“there is no general agreement as to what [space opera] is, which writers are the best examples, or even which works are space opera”

what used to be science fantasy is now a space opera is entirely forgotten.”

-Hartwell and Kramer

The conventions of space opera have changed quite dramatically over time, and its audience has expanded enormously, peaking with video media like Star Trek and Star Wars.

Apart from the only imagination, we might be surprised that we are also living in a space opera World that does exist without realising it. The best example of it could be none other than the concept of ‘Aliens’, ‘UFOs’ and other supernatural powers that we are not aware of. It’s been for years since we’ve been hearing about UFOs entering our planet, about Aliens and moreover, scientists have also been talking much about the existence of Aliens as well! We have been talking about it all without realizing that all of this has become a part of our universe now. Variety of games about spaceships, aliens have been made until now, which in a way shows us how we are living in a space opera universe. Some news has been flashed out on TV screens about caught of Alien, bizarre creatures, unseen paranormal signs from different places of the World that are sufficient to explain our living in a real space opera World.