Tea Tree Oil: a magical formula

When it comes to beauty products, essential oils are a hype these days. From skin care products to medicine, essential oils have proved their far-ranging properties. They have been used for centuries not just to heal ailments but also to stimulate and alter emotions.
Essential oils are derived from plants, and capture the plant’s flavor, or “essence.”

Michelle Gagnon, founder of Bio Alchemy Olfactive and MKG Bio Alchemy and a bio alchemist by profession says: “Essential oils affect our physical, emotional, and spiritual
wellbeing, and take effect via topical application and inhalation. Long term use of essential oils — in small quantities — can have a great impact on our overall health and
state of wellbeing.”

And here, we are going to have an insight into the miraculous properties of essential oil,
tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil also called Melaleuca oil, is extracted from the leaves Melaleuca Alternifolia
plant, and commonly known as tea tree. This tree is native to the northern coast of South Wales, Australia, and was brought to popularity by the Australian aborigines. For the world, it might be a newly discovered magical formula, but Australians have been using it as a resource for countless years. It possesses the anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which help in many daily problems including acne and fungal infections.

Having a bottle of tea tree oil means you have a powerhouse of soothing. Tea tree oil can elevate the body’s natural healing process. And it’s not just the people using it, but also the experts talking about the tea tree oil benefits for hair and skin.

Dr. Sunil Kumar Prabhu, Senior Consultant, Dermatology and Aesthetic Physician, Aster RV Hospital, explains, “Tea tree oil has been traditionally used and can be
beneficial to manage dandruff because of its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is used quite often found in personal care products because it can purify and cleanse the skin, and unclog the pores”.

Tea tree oil can be your go-to product for all kinds of skin problems like acne and blemishes, but it benefits hair fullness as well. Even a small amount of diluted tee tree oil when applied to your hair shaft can promote hair fullness. It unclogs hair follicles, nourishes the roots, and helps the hair reach its full potential.
But, flowing locks might not be your only concern, dandruff can be embarrassing too.

Before we talk about treating dandruff with tea tree oil, let’s see what dandruff is: it is just an accumulation of dry and scaly skin on your scalp. According to a study published in the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology, using a shampoo containing only 5 percent of tea tree oil appears to be effective for the improvement in dandruff. It also
helps in controlling itchiness and greasiness on the scalp.

When asked about the tea tree oil benefits for hair, Dr. Jenelle Kim, a Chinese medicine expert and founder of JBK Wellness Labs in San Diego says, “It is a strong, natural ingredient that is great for sensitive skin and scalp. The scalp is very sensitive and is vulnerable to skin imbalances, itchiness, and dandruff—which are usually caused by minor fungal infections.”

Tea tree oil deserves a spot in your beauty routine. With its luscious benefits, it can revolutionize everything about your skin and hair.

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