For any business advertising is as important as oxygen for human beings. Many businessmen save money by not spending on advertising and marketing. It is just like loving one side that means you love someone but your are not telling or expressing . To move relationship ahead you have to express your feelings . similarly for engaging customers you have to express about your business through advertising. To sell you have to tell. Just by opening business and sitting in office and waiting for customers will not raise revenues. Spending on infrastructure can be optional spending on machinery can be optional but spending on advertising cannot be optional doesn’t matter whether it is B2B or B2C.

Now that you are convinced that advertising is an important requirement for any business. Now the question arises does more money means more results? and the answer is big NO. Money is one of the factor but not the only factor. Nobody remember how many ads you run. people remember the impression you made . your advertisement should be consisting of a relatable story triggering the emotions and giving a delightful surprise. Below I am sharing some tips to make an high engaging and successful ads campaign.

  1. Be different and generate recall value
  2. Be digital it’s more efficient and cost effective
  3. Don’t find, Be found
  4. Shift from outbound to inbound
  5. Preserve and nuture the data
  6. your content should either entertain or educate the viewer
  7. Build a good website and online reputation

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