47 Educators Awarded in Virtual Ceremony.

President Ram Nath Kovind bestowed 47 educators with National Award in a Virtual Ceremony for working exceptionally in the educational field. It was the first time the ceremony was held virtually in the wake of pandemic COVID-19. The President admired the role of women as educators as he noticed that 40 percent of them were winners. He also paid his tribute to Dr S. Radhakrishnan who was a visionary, statesman and an extraordinary teacher. He also said that celebrating his birthday as Teachers’ Day is just a token in front of the services which he had offered to the society.

The President also pointed towards the importance of information technology in the times of COVID-19 which has helped teachers in imparting education in such difficult times as well. Taking a note on digital divide, he said that now it is mandatory for the steps to be taken to benefit children who are in tribal or distant areas. He also stated that teachers should be taking the central stage in imparting the National Education Policy to be successful and fruitful.

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