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While starting a startup a question arises in everyone’s mind and that iis “will my startup get success” here is the point where most of us make mistake we just start expecting from our startup and reaching the break even. To make your start up sustain in long run following tips are going to help you.

  1. INNOVATION IS MANDATORY- World is very dynamic people’s wants and desires keep on changing to their demands you also have to change accordingly and to keep pace with the latest trends
  2. POSITIVE CASH FLOW – Maintain a positive cash flow in your startup try recover all payments with in the time limit. Cash is the blood of any business without cash your business will be dead.
  3. FIRST SUSTAIN THEN SCALE- First build a regular income from your sstartup then sscale . many entrepreneurs start scaling without gross margin that is complete suicide.
  4. FIND RECURRING REVENUE MODEL – If your startup have recurring revenue model you don’t have find new customers every day. It will generate regular and secure income for your startup.
  5. CORRECT POSITIONING- It will land up you with right customer base and save you from wasting your time on wrong customer

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