We all have been taught to know some basics of a morning schedule and do prepare one for us. Do you ever had a thought of having a night routine? Basically, there are very few people how ever had a night routine. As nights are that part of a day where all of us very little amount of energy left in us to follow any kind of schedule. And basically people want to relax and have a free time. For many people nights are the time when they get some time with family,but for many others this is the time when people get some privacy and can do whatever they like without any bounds and limits. But when you would have a deep thought on the topic you will come to know that night routines are more significant than the morning routines. As much sorted the night would lead to a more productive day. When someone knows what to be done the next day ,automatically the next day becomes more productive. So it’s better to plan the whole day beforehand and have a productive and perfect day rather to be dejected in the morning. Sometimes it’s well possible that the plan made by you don’t works the way it should but then also you would know what are the mistakes done by you that lead to such failures to the plan.

A night routine unknowingly would lead to relax you more than you had ever thought . Because the calmness of the night can be enjoyed much more when tried something new to feel it. So what basically are the night routines? What is that great secret to have a perfectly planned day? Can everyone of us owe the power to make and follow such cruel and evil sounding routines? What is the major step that is to be taken to create such routines?

Basically the answers to all the above question is a little time and a pen paper or any digital platform where you could plan things. Firstly in the night time the body has its major shutdown so for that it had to plan and start this routine from late evening time. Its know that having dinner by 8 pm (IST) is a healthy and body friendly habit. But there a few how follow this habit. Truly this habit is one of those habits which is not to be missed at any cost. This habit would lead to a good stomach health or more specifically a good gut health. A good gut health leads to a healthy individual and a healthy individual leads to a productive mind. This habit could be considered as the first step for night schedule. All of us have a different circadian rhythm cycle and our body works according to that only. Many researches have found that may people have a habit of being night owl and staying awake late night till am sometimes or evening more time . Some people sleep in the early morning when they should actually get up and start their new day. With the modernisation we are changing but there remains things which are good if not changed otherwise our body and its functioning is hampered enormously with our knowing. So it’s better to go to bed by 12am (maximum) and get up by 6 or 7 in the morning. Although it’s said that the best time to go to bed is by 9-9:30 pm and get up by 4-4:30am. As It’s good to inhale the morning breeze because it enhances the memory power.

Now moving on to the next step it could be having a no screen time 1 hour before going to the bed. Because the white light from the screen hampers the melatonin(sleep inducing hormone) and delays our sleep time. Before an hour of going to the bed it’s good to some work which don’t include you to face the screen. So it’s the ideal time to plan the next day and even write down what you did that day or what are those shortcomings which if not done would have made your day even better or write about what are the experiences and lessons you gained that day. After that you could also have a me time by doing a little self care activities like hair care,skin care etc. Just before the bedtime you could do some of the things you feel could relax you. It may be book reading, sketching,colouring,quote writing etc. It could be anything but it should surely relax and soothe your soul deeply. So this leads you to the final step of you night routine. And that is the moon milk if you have any kind of allergy with dairy product or you are a vegan then you can use plant based milk in place of animal product. But surely this moon milk helps your body to rejuvenate and produce a sense of calmness. Do check the recipe of moon milk and give it a try as this induces sleeps,helps to heal the inner injuries,decrease stress and there are tons of benefits of moon milk which if written would lead to another big article.

So with all these basic night time practices one could achieve a great bedtime as well as it would lead to a productive and perfect day. So surely try it out.

ENJOY and surely don’t forget to put an alarm to wake up at perfect time the next morning!!!!!!

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