One Rule…can end up corruption by 70%

There are many people who talks about it , and few screams and fight to end it…………but since ages, it’s not being possible to make a difference, and still have not got independence from it’s foul smell, where someone dwelling in it , without sense. But, should we live in this rut forever ?…And to accept ourselves as incapable of destroying it, and to live like a looser.

I have a one brilliant rule, if it comes into play that undoubtedly changes the fate of the country. Before i reveal it, let us know why this rule works besides many measures being taken were failing since decades.
The main feasible condition for corruption, is lack of surveillance and awareness among people,and how it greatly damages our standard of living. So,creating awareness among all the people might sometimes work, but most of the time it rewards us with great disappointment. because, India has biggest population, it’s hard to make all of us to bring on to one platform with one voice.

But, there was no dearth of solution, if we think and the first said idea is………….
This idea works with collection of students, professors, university bodies, govt anti corruption and adminstrative bodies , police.
You may wonder that how, could you connect students, professors with police?
The bitter fact is, about 90% of indian passouts graduates are unskilled according to the several esteemed surveys. The main reason for it is, not having a platform to access practical knowledge, we have severe shortage of internship opportunities and real time project works. This problem can also be indirectly solved by our main idea.

The govt should make project works mandatory and give them more importance in their course, some may refrain with this idea…but if we couldn’t able to perform on projects itself, how can we able to sustain after getting to global market; initially it might be hard, but with support of our peer and lecturers we can excel gradually.
Now, we all should be assigned project works by our colleges in collaboration with national education body (now MHRD), only on all governmental assets and organisations….here comes a game changing shot. But, how is it possible?

The government must allow all the students to study governmental organisations, properties, and projects build by them.(let’s say a dam, hospital etc…). This helps to make an assessment for the quality of work being done in various govt fields and organisations.The reports submitted by students can be used by anti corruption agencies and help them to understand the situation at very ground level. As it’s not possible for anti corruption agencies to keep an eye over every inch of the whole country, they can use this student community as a strongest trustworthy network as they don’t provide false reports, if in case; the professor and the whole college who guided him will be felt guilt, and leads to their lack of reputation in society. so, this locking system can help students ro not provide false reports.

All the students must be allotted some projects on live aspects(like dams, hospitals ,industries built and being run by govt) in their respective fields, and we have to start analyzing their maintenance and prepare and submit the report of it’s quality and working efficiency. Here itself, we get an opportunity to dig up the flaws went up and to make a change by preparing efficient reports of the atrocities made and corruption that underwent.

For say, i’m a student of civil engineering, got a project to understand about kaleshwaram dam and have to submit report on it. I started by when it has built, and how much cost it took, what are the materials used in it, what are the technologies use in it, why does the walls of the dam is being getting cracks just after 5 years of its inauguration, what is the reason for recent fire accident……..when i submit the detail report to the college, I am gonna get my marks
The above said will be the work of every student in every field, not only engineering also health,law, agriculture,finance and every field.
Instead the anti corruption bureau working on intensive ground level, they can collect all the project reports form all colleges and will be easier for them to take action, by using the information.
As, it is a real time project, the professor of individual group must take care of no flaws and genuinity of information, as it will be a major source for higher govt authorities to take action.
In simple, students has to set on to study the past govt projects and organisations; and the detailed project reports and student community acts as a strong surveillance framework and it bring out the corruptions of the past as well as prevents the corruptions of the future. This idea, if it honed by the bright minds of our country, it can surely be an influential act.