Many people around the world are suffering from different types of addictions, including drug addiction, mobile addiction and TV addiction. Joining the bandwagon is the latest PUBG mobile game addiction and it is proving to be the worst.
PUBG addicted people are so attached to the game that they often leave their food and important tasks to play the game. This addiction has also resulted in irregular sleep pattern which is a cause of great anxiety. Many mental and physical health issues have been noted in PUBG addictions.
People with PUBG addiction are at high risk of developing health issues such as chronic migraine, weak vision, obesity, insomnia, Alzheimer’s, heart problem, depression, spondylitis and schizophrenia. They lose interest in the necessary activities for a healthy life.
It is quite common to exclude social events, important business meetings and family celebrations between PUBG mobile game addiction. They prefer to play PUBG rather than engage in any of these activities. They become angry and upset if someone else guides them otherwise. They soon become socially inactive.

Children from this addiction are most affected. Parents should take the responsibility of identifying PUBG addiction warning signs in their children as their responsibility. They should help their children get rid of it as soon as possible Like students, PUBG mobile game addict is also wasting their lives. Rather than focusing on his career, he is connected to PUBG. They are unable to think beyond winning this game. Many working professional leaves, half days, delays in depositing projects, miss important meetings, and ignore their job responsibilities due to PUBG addiction. They also depict unprofessional behavior that inhibits the growth of their career. Pub mobile game addiction is also wasting personal relations. PUBG addicts spend most of their time playing games. The time he should spend with his family and friends, he gets away from this addiction. It affects personal relationships and causes a lot of stress. PUBG was recently banned by the Indian government, amid rising tensions with the Chinese officials. Apart from the battle royale sensation, they have banned 117 other applications from Indian servers, which means that these apps will not be available to download from App Stores in India.
The players of PUBG Mobile are disappointed and continuously demanding the officials to unban the game. Mobile gamers were taken aback with the announcement of PUBG mobile India getting banned from the country. PUBG Mobile has major connections with China since its mobile developers are from that country. However, avid fans of the game may not have to worry much as they can easily access the game on PC, PS and Xbox platforms. As of now, the PUBG mobile will stay in troubled waters as the controversial game always has in India. Be it deeming the game to be addictive or downright destructive for mental health, PUBG Mobile has been alleged at various instances during its infamous run in the country which has now seemingly come to a close. However, the correlation between excessive gaming and violence has not been completely tested in Indian courts.

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