The Power of Meditation

Our life is a race, we chase money, career, happiness experiences. We were constantly thinking about the next thing we need to do and worrying about our future. We have so many tasks, worries, responsibilities and needs, meditation is a powerful tool that helps us slow down and take a break. It has a long history of thousands of years evolved from many different cultures and traditions.
Meditation is a state of awareness, we stop the life race and observe with awareness inside ourselves and outside it here and now this is called mindfulness. While meditating we are mindful to the present moment we pay attention to things we usually ignore like the current atmosphere in our body’s processes. Meditation has many benefits; it reduces negativity, stress, anxiety, depression, tension and anger at the same time it increases positivity, self-awareness, calmness, focus, tolerance and creativity. Meditation refreshes our mind and recharges our batteries, it is like a mental restart button which lets us have a fresh point of view. More clearly we can look as it is an inner bath for our mind and soul. Scientifically, meditating prevents and lowers the risk of diseases usually those which relate to stress and blood pressure like a heart attack. Less stress means more health. People who meditate on a regular basis have higher levels of alpha waves which reduce negative emotions. Meditating over time has positive impacts on our brain, body and soul. There are many ways to practice meditation. The most common one being mindful to your breath; sit right where you are no matter if it is at work, home or any other place and start paying attention to your breath, inhale and exhale without effort, you can focus on different parts of your body and imagine our breadth moving towards them. And another recommended way is listening to guided meditation and following the instructions. Adopting meditation as a habit will help us upgrade our lifestyle and add more value to our life. Meditation can change our brain patterns and increase the performance of cognitive functions which are needed for thinking, remembering, learning, problem solving etc. Meditation really helps in managing pain, depression and anxiety of people all around the world. Even mindfulness meditation classes are being offered in schools and hospitals because of their effectiveness. The focus of mindfulness meditation is to practice the brain in staying and focusing solely in the moments, which is why the meditator is encouraged to think of nothing but his or her breathing and to have a mantra. The aim is to let go of the regrets of the past as well as anxieties of the future to have a relaxing line in the present meditation as food for the soul. It nourishes our minds and values, qualities like compassion, responsibility, peacefulness, truthfulness and forbearing temptations. It helps in making and keeping good relationships with others and most especially with ourselves. The calmness and tranquillity we get from this experience give us a sense of comfort and stability. Allowing us to stay positive in life and be resilient to any negativity. Throwing out meditation is not just a mere activity for relaxation, it is the world’s greatest therapy. So, why not give it a try when we are feeling stressed out and angry at someone. Just take a deep breath and relax at the moment. Clear your mind and be grateful for all these life experiences that can help you improve. After all, we want to improve the world, we have to first start with ourselves. So take time every day to keep clear and bring that clarity to those around you.

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