“Shut up! Jao jaake class ke bahar khade ho jao”. I still think, was it a punishment or just a way of giving freedom to go washroom or bunk the class.

Hey friends, today is a special day. Today is Teacher’s day, and it’s not only for school teachers but to every single person who came in our life, because everyone teach something. But, school teacher is important because, they only taught us that whosoever is teaching you is to be respected.

Sir/ma’am, your selfless acts are still helping us in our life. Thank you for teaching us everything from the book and those discipline, which you made us to learn for life.
But, today I’m writing this for you and the company you gave us, not about those things which you taught us even though we all are thankful for that.

Rightnow, we adults are happy that we didn’t had to attend online classes. Man! That’s really Scarry. Means you can’t meet your friends, you can’t see your crush, you can’t live the most precious life, your school life. At that time the most hateable person was our teachers, and we are sorry for that, But, because you always stoped us from enjoying. Which at a certain age we only do it by our own, and you all grown up peoples were knowing that, still you stoped us from doing, why?.

Still, when you leave your school and move forward in your life, you are going back to them like, a boomerang. The way you hate your teachers back then, yeah!, you are gonna wish for having them as your teacher, back in your life again.

What you will never understand is there  punishment. Those punishment which were meaning less back then and even now. Go outside, write this 20 times on blackboard, murga bano, and keep your hands up. Why?? And there dialogues, Khana khaana to nhi bhule? Like you all wanted to answer that particular question, right? Yeah, because my body wants food for energy not your homework.

Even though with all that difference, one thing was for sure that they really treated us like there own child and forgot about that while giving marks, huh!. Thankyou teachers and HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY.

Now, what you think about your school day’s and about your teacher? Let me guess, same like me, huh! Until you attended online classes.

P.S:- A special thanks to all those teachers who use to tell us story rather then teaching us from those boring books. You all have great a part in making our school days memorable. Thankyou


See yaa.

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