Google Office Facilities

Every software engineer will have a dream of working in Google.We have to admit that cracking google is not that easy. so, every google employee will be thrived hard to crack it. Once they become google employee, every bit of their hard work will be paid not only through salary but also through the facilities available for google employees. Most of the google employees say that they don’t feel like they are in office. They say that google provides the view as they are in some family environment where everyone will be let free, no bossy nature. Most of the companies follow the rule that employees should not say a word against their boss. But it is completely different in google. A just joined employee irrespective of the experience he/she had will have the right to say no to his/her boss if the boss is wrong somewhere. Google is a place where the employees will be let free without any restrictions like to sit in a cubical the whole day. Google employees can sit anywhere within the office, in the canteen, on the steps, outside in the lawn, in playing area, on the sofa, in dining area, in the washing section like what not, anywhere they can sit and work. Wait what are you thinking about? Don’t say “what are all these canteens, washing area?”. If you are shocked or surprised then there is no mistake in that. Because yes, these are facilities that a Google employee is provided. I have mentioned just few of them. Now, let us know the facilities that Google provides for its employees completely. So, lets dive in.

Hey! Most of us may felt sleepy while working in our office but couldn’t sleep as it is not, we had those days of dragging our feet and fall asleep as soon as we reach home. But look here, it is totally opposite. Have a glimpse at this nap pod.

Nap pod in Google (image source:google)

Hey! Don’t confuse the person in pic is neither the owner of that house. That is not a house but is a section of google office. The person might have worked hard and might want to take a nap, so he appeared in the sleeping section of google. How lucky the google employees are.

Mostly bachelors living in PGs(Paying guest) or in flats alone may not find a separate time to do all the household work especially to wash clothes. But if that bachelor is a Google employee, he need not have to make time separately to do that. Because there is a washing section available there in the office. Have a look at this.

Laundry section in Google (image source: Google)

Oh My God! What’s this? Don’t get shocked, that’s true. Getting jealous right! Not only this there are many.

Suppose you had a pet which is a dear to you and you are single in home. In that case your dear should be left alone all the day in home, no lunch for it. How sad right? Hey! What’s there to feel sad if you are working at Google. Because, google not only welcomes you but also your pets. Look here! How sweet right?

Have you ever had a thought to build your body, you might mostly. But you might not have found time to go to jym. But this is not the case of google employees. Look here!

Google space JYM (image source : Google)

Leaving all these, the favourite section of every human is FOOD and look how that is at google.

Google Canteen (image source: Google)
Google Canteen (image source: Google)

Don’t even get a thought of paying for food at GOOGLE. Because its free. Yes! The Goole serves free food to its employees.

Have you ever played in your office. You would say ”My boss would kill me if I do that”. But in Google the boss built a separate playing area to let employees relax their mind and get sharp thoughts. Won’t believe? Look here!

Google playing area (image source: Google)

The Google provides pregnancy leaves for women and you know what, by providing their monthly salary. Have you ever heard of this scheme? That’s why google is adorable.

They are so many facilities that Google provides to its employees. It is said that every Google employee will help earn Google 4,00,000$ a year. If utilized properly, Google is a place where you can prove all your talent and skills because here everything is encouraged. No full stop, only Comma.

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