The answer to this question is not as easy as we think. It’s not defined in a single word nor even a sentence but it depends upon certain reasons that a person changes its personality or not. For this topic is not easy to answer the question just with the single ‘yes’ or ‘no’ because it differs from person to person. Usually, we can say that person change its personality when it gets influenced with others, having some sort of pressure, when the person itself wants some sort of growth then it brings a change in its personality but its not easy to say that we can change someone, its depends and differ from person to person to change its personality or not. In this article try to cover the major aspect that there can be any possible reason to change the person and other major factors which can help in it. The change is so easy to adapt as Darwin’s theory of evolution itself says the change brings and we as a human being are adaptive towards it. That change was morphologically and anatomically but we as a human being become more civilized creature on the earth. Now when we talk on this topic in this article, here we are not dealing with the personal appearance but we are dealing with the inner soul of it. That can a person can purify its inner soul and brings better in it. Here we can say that it’s not in the hand of the other person to change one’s personality it completely depends upon the will and choice of the individual. For instance, we all have siblings in our family those were very notorious and naughty in their childhood as they attain the age of 14 -24 they suddenly change their choices, ideology and many more but some of them remain same and not that much mature towards their responsibility. From here we can understand that its completely depend upon the choice of the person. Certain factors can change the personality to some extent but not always like-

Friends and followers- we all agree that we have a single or more than one friends some of them are very close to the heart remaining of them are just good friends, having a friend, follower in our life is like the oxygen for the survival. Usually, we find the company according to nature and personality but if we accidentally found persons who are opposed to our nature than we start finding that much happening in that company, it creates a kind of undue influence in our mind which starts brings a change in our society, but at the same time when we have good company and people around us we change accordingly have some kind of enthusiasm in our life and surrounding. We can also say our society can also play a major role to change someone, the criticism and appreciation can bring the change in the personality.

Pressure – usually we ignore this here in this article pressure doesn’t refer to the atmospheric pressure, but it refers to the pressure we feel in our day-to-day life. The pressure we feel in the workplace, the pressure of studies, all these can lead to change in the one’s personality.

Learnings – usually we earn the good things from any of the sources whatever it is, either from a preacher or from the professor anyone can give the good learning in our life to lead the way and happy life. It not only related to any person but it is related to books, books can bring knowledge because we can say that books are the true friend of an individual.

Self-care and meditation- both these are interrelated to each other when a person performs mediation it brings an energy to its inner soul, it reduces the stress which is a most important thing for the person to lead a good and happy life.  Form this we can understand the major aspect that brings a change in own’s life but it completely depends upon the individual to change accordingly, nobody can force the person because it is not correct morally, each and everybody has its rights and duties and also have their own choice to lead their life we can help them to differentiate between the right and wrongs but not have in a capacity to change the personality. So, in my view and after going through with this topic I can say that the person’s choice to bring change in its personality or not, nobody can force to bring change in the individual.

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