Legal Aid

This term the ‘legal aid’ is the term which is not very known and not easily understands by the people, usually the term quite new. For example- ‘A’ is the labour, who works whole day and night just to earn and give that money to his family, but ‘B’ is the owner of that mill and he is very rude, and he not gives the proper wages to the labour. To earn more money wife of ‘A’ also starts working in the same mill with his husband, but they both of them not get enough money due to which they feel unable to feed their daughter.

So here they are not that much rich to consult any lawyer or pay their high amount fees and get their wage accordingly the wage act nor even they are much literate to know about the rights and duty of the individual. So, from here we can say that this term arises that we called legal aid. Legal aid the term which means to provide the legal support or remedy those who are not that much financial capacity to deal with legally in such manner the concept of legal aid is introduced. The concept of legal aid is introduced, just to help those who need to deserve it like an insane person, woman or child, scheduled caste and tribe, a victim of human trafficking and many more. In the concept of the legal aid, the individual comes to know the sort of the problem its nature, and how to cure the problem as like the first aid, in which the person gets medical help, not dealing with the caste, sex or racism of the person. In the same manner, the legal aid is just to provide remedies to each and everyone those who, suffer or victim of any legal problem. Even the constitution itself talks about the Article 14, right to equality in all grounds, when the constitution itself talks about equality then it means the equality, is given in the case of the resources distribution and also equal before in the eyes of law. the constitution itself talks about the constitutional remedies under article 32 and article 226 in the Supreme Court and the High court. If the victim feels any kind of grievances they may directly apply to the Supreme court and High court to get justice. Because in the eyes of law justice is important justice can be a delay but it should be given to the victim. The court itself says in the civil matter the person can appeal to the other court in case of balance of convenience and when there are ends of justice, a person may appeal to another court with valid grounds. So, with this, we can say the justice is taken as a priority by the court itself, so in any of the case, justice should be given to the victim. Legal aid is the concept which is especially for the weaker sections to serve the justice, and also provide them with justice. As innocent should not be punished, justice is supreme in any of the cases.

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