A word which we hear frequently never give that much importance that is required, usually we ignore the news related to pollution, we are not aware of the environment and the pollution related to it. While starting the article it’s important to define what is pollution, where is this pollution takes place, how to resolve this problem, what statutes are made by the legislature for the protection of the pollution. In this article, pollution is defined as, the presence of the harmful and poisonous substance in the environment, it can be in the soil, water, air, which causes distraction in the environment, the pollution is the problem which we ignore usually but that creates a huge distraction, like the presence of oxide, nitrate in the soil in the excessive amount creates distraction in the soil, water, and atmosphere. Pollution is the issue which we ignore very simply but its excessiveness also harms human life. The question comes to our mind where is this origin starts of the pollution. The basic answer of this problem that the pollution is starting when humans start to interfere in the environment creates excessiveness of the things, like industrialization, contamination, use of excessive vehicles which creates pollution like related to noise, deforestation all these factors increase the pollution in the environment. Due to which wildlife is also get affected deeply and many of the species are rare on the earth, many species of bird, black panther all come under the rare species. When we deal with this topic it’s not easy to end here with the simple word pollution. Pollution of water creates a distraction in the water bodies, it creates pollution in the water body due to industrial waste presence, it creates eutrophication in the water bodies. The example of the water pollution is the Ganga and Yamuna are the rivers, which are beautiful and holy but such industrial waste creates huge distraction due to which government have to start the plans like Ganga plan and the Yamuna plan, just to make aware the society about it. The Government also makes plans regarding the use of vehicles in Delhi, just to reduce the air pollution in Delhi. In the same manner, the government also make odd and even concept in Delhi, which becomes one of the examples for society. The legislature also takes initiative enact statutes for the safety of the environment even the government imposes punishment. Even the authority takes all the possible major steps just to avoid pollution, and also many PILs file taking pollution and environment as the subject matter. Many PILs ( public interest litigation ) is filed by the one of the famous and eminent personality is M.C. Mehta take many prominent cases in India which usually overlook by society, cases like introducing lead-free gasoline in India, reducing the water pollution in the Ganga river and also eroding of the Taj Mahal. All the cases and their verdict form the Supreme Court of India brings a change in the country. The changes bring from the year of 1984, in the country, in the context with this public interest litigation the legislature has enacted many statutes like the Air Pollution Control Act of 1955, the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Act 1981, the Environment Protection Act 1986, the Water Prevention and Control Act 1974. All these acts are enacted and enforced for the society and to protect the environment from these disastrous practices which harms the society and the environment. It forms mandate among the citizens to respect the environment and avoid to do all such practices.

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