Why bollywood is destroying itself by Remix.

“Ye khaan aagye hmm, yunhi saath saath chlte” that’s exactly what we feel when we listen today’s songs. If this is what we say evolving is, then Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!..

Hello everyone, This blog is dedicated in favour of retro songs and also stand firm for there justice. We have to come together, we have to, otherwise these new released songs will just destroy everyone’s taste and make them move towards English songs. We can’t let them do that.okay!
See, I’m not against of english songs but I just don’t want anyone to go for it just because bollywood doesn’t have some.

Those famous lyricist like Javed Akhtar ji,  Sameer, Gulzaar sahab.. all have performed greatly in the industry and also given us many evergreen masterpiece. But, you know it was never only the lyrics that made the song popular but the singers too like, Kishore Kumar, Mohammad Rafi, Lata mangeshkar. They use to sing a particular song for 25 to 30 times, to present it in a fabulous way to you all. There was nothing like auto tuner in those days, just try to imagine how hard it was and so the hard works payed. They got fame for there work. And now a days, these so cold rappers using those cheap words and not only using it but repeating it many times in a single sentence, actually there whole sentence is repeated in a song which makes it awful are getting fame just like that. Who’s fault is this??

It’s not like they all are bad but those rappers are good only if they go for there separate albums. So, we can’t blame this whole on them,ok! Like they are bad but it’s us who are encouraging them to do this. And after that we just hit the dislike button but that particular songs legacy is already been destroyed. We can’t let them do that, we can’t. We need some good Songs. There are few non rappers who are literally good like Gajendra verma, Darshan Raval and Arjun Kanungo, Deno james etc.

Some of you must be fan of NEHA KAKKAR and his brother Tony Kakkar. So, let me just clear you that being in trend doesn’t make something look good. Ok! Otherwise, Go for Binod.

So, we have stand firm for our choice. If we hate listening those remix then don’t just dislike it but make them realize that we are not going to accept anything like this. And also because, Old is Gold.

Let’s make a pact among us and make them Learn ” Don’t destroy our beloved Songs”. There’s many things I want to say but I think I made my point clear till now.

So, drop down your views on this blog and also on this topic. And also tell us your way to Stop them in destroying our favourite Bollywood songs.

See yaa.

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