Export of Rice and Sugar jump in Q1.

Despite being the tough situation all over the world and the lockdown there are some commodities which still were in growth in the amount of export to different countries.In India the agri exports took a great jump of around 23% in the Q1 period i.e from April to June.

Basmati rice tops the list of exported agri commodity that is of around Rs 8591 crore which accounts for a third of India’s export in the first quarter of 2020-21.It is also the contribution of non-basmati rice which was of around Rs 2392 crores.If we talk about and what data shows,overall around an increase of Rs 4818 crore.If we take into account overall percentage of 95%.

Export of sugar contributed an increase of Rs 1719 crore and export of raw sugar Rs 448 crore during the period.It means that non-basmati rice & sugar (refined and raw) together accounted for Rs 4559 crore.If we talk of other agri commodities like pigeon pea(tur),Bengal gram and raw groundnut oil all the percentages have been increased from the past data.But from the likes of rice & sugar their export percentages are low.Report also mentions that onion was also on increase.

Export basket of tea and soya have declined numbers of around 27% and 14% respectively,as per the first quarter of the current financial year compared to the corresponding period in 2019.All this data was recorded during the UN Food and Agriculture Organization 35th regional conference for Asia and the Pacific organised by Bhutan on a virtual platform.India has shown in this tough situation that the country is ready to serve other countries at any cost and at any period of time.

Analysis of the agri report shows the performance of different agri commodities from the period April to June that pigeon pea increased to 440%(from Rs 15 crore to 81 crore this year) while Bengal gram had increased around 407%,groundnut oil 243% increase and wheat 148% rise.Incidentally Rice and Sugar which includes basmati and non-basmati,refined and raw sugar both are the commodities which requires ample of amount of waters which contributes about 78% of total export.

In lockdown it has been seen that there has been various such incidents of positive culture of which showed the power of the country.It signifies such act towards the society that any situation whether whatsoever India will never be backed down.Many examples are there but i would like take example related to health sector i.e medicines provided to many countries and another example is the worst Lebanon blast in that India provided medical,food supplies.

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