LGBTQ belong to the human race!…

Ronnie and Maria got married. Few days passed, but they were not happy together. So the thing was there was no physical intimacy between them. Maria tried for it at times but Ronnie refused without a reason. One day she found him making love to a guy on the terrace. She was terribly surprised thinking about her married life. She felt so devasted. She was now stuck in a midway where she neither could’ve baby nor a divorce. What will society say now? What will be the future? Thousands of thoughts struck in her mind but she kept calm.
In the night, she confronted Ronnie asking about the guy. Ronnie began to cry in front of her stating his story. He told her how he felt attraction towards the same gender since childhood, how everyone made him suppress his emotions and sexuality. He even told her that he wasn’t ready to marry the girl but they made him do that just for the sake of society. After listening to his story, now Maria was also in tears. But she was a strong woman. She decided to stand by him. She called her parents, made her and Ronnie’s parents sit together. She told them the whole story. None of them was ready to accept it. It took much time but somehow she convinced them. Then she got herself divorced, called the guy her husband was in love with and made them marry. Now both of them were very happy. Later she found a guy perfect for her and got married.
So? Everybody must have loved the story as it was the ideal version of the situation. But is it possible even in real life as well? We’ve been taught since childhood that a girl and a boy together form a couple. We just can’t digest when a girl loves a girl or a boy loves a boy. We even laugh at them saying they have some mental problem. We all have the fear that what people will say, how society will react? If something goes wrong we’ll lose our honour. This sick fear makes us weak. Even if a guy or a girl dares to speak up about their sexuality, they are made to suppress their emotions. They’ve been brainwashed at times that attraction towards opposite gender is only the normal thing, anything else is not allowed. With the revoke of section 377, even the judiciary system agreed that LGBTQ is totally normal. But still, we didn’t accept them as one of us, a human. The basic issue of people’s such reaction is the ignorance I feel. People don’t even what is it all about. They simply take it as someone is going against nature and rules and we must stop them. There are so many types of sexualities that we don’t even know and never ever heard of it either. So basically the LGBTQ community includes lesbian, gay, Bi, Trans and Queer. Sexuality is a very personal thing and nobody can question someone about it. There are many types of sexualities such as asexual where a human is not sexually attracted towards any gender, bisexual where human is attracted towards both the genders, demisexual where sexual attraction develops only after an emotional attachment. Actually, there are many. We just need to understand them clearly. We must get to know that it’s totally normal to have different but unique sexuality. Even they belong to the human race and they deserve to live, happily. It’s not a one day task to bring the change. Revolution always comes with opposition. We need to give a fight until we succeed.

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