Don’t visit a counsellor you will be considered MAD. Don’t tell anybody about it you will be judged. Such are the suggestions you get from the people if you speak about how you are frustrated. How everything is bothering you or how you can’t digest what’s happening around You. Why is it such a big deal? Why can’t we just normalise the difference between a person who is mentally ill and a person who is physically ill. Just because you can’t see the deeper side of a problem it just doesen’t exist ? I remember, how a friend of mine said that he is not feeling right from a few days and how is continously overthinking about things he should not. How he lies on the bed staring at the ceiling for hours and has no clue WHY . I talked to him for hours, heard him and suggested him to visit a counsellor as he would be the best person for him to help him come out of his world of negativity. He replied to me, “NO, I HAVE NOT GONE MAD ,THAT I NEED TO VISIT A COUNSELLOR” And for a moment, i stopped and realized how the society changes ones perspecive .

Who said visiting a counsellor that too for your own benefit declares you as a “MAD” !! All these tags and thought process comes from the environment we live in . He was just one example , there are so many like that. The increase in the cases of Anxiety and Depression is great. But, the acceptance is very low. Why do we need to pass comments on people who are already battling their inside ? WHY can’t we just sit there and ask them to vent out. To speak what they feel .To shout their heart out. To trust on us and believe that yes i’m there for you.

The pandemic has led to an increase in the cases of Mental illness . A recent review of psychological sequelae in samples of quarantined people and of health care providers may be instructive; it revealed numerous emotional outcomes, including stress, depression, irritability, insomnia, fear, confusion, anger, frustration, boredom, and stigma associated with quarantine, some of which persisted after the quarantine was lifted.

It is also due to lack of awareness that Mental health is treated as something that is obnoxious and should not happen to anybody. And this mindset will change only when there is Mental education and guidance .Education and training regarding psychosocial issues should be provided to health system leaders, first responders, and health care professionals.Mental health professionals can help craft messages to be delivered by trusted leaders. Mental health education should also be provided in schools to help the learners learn it from the very beginning. We need to understand that being human is more important if you are blessed to be a human being.

Next time, you see somebody struggling on the inside make sure you make their outside better !

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