Mental health is about our emotions, psychological thinking and mindset. It consists of our feelings, actions, thinking nature. It consists of our feelings, actions, thinking nature.It determines how balanced we are mentally . It is all about controlling our emotions, balancing mindset, handling stress etc.

   Health is of two types

  1. Physical health
  2. Mental health

  To understand about mental health, let us take a brief look into Physical health. One can say a person is healthy by just knowing about physical health only. Because they don’t know the mental condition of the person as it is not visible. So one cannot judge other person’s health condition by just seeing them. If a person is physically strong we cannot say that he is mentally strong.

   Mental health plays a dominant role than physical health. Mental health is most important as it plays a key role in our life. If it is good we can live happily but if we become mentally weak then it is very dangerous as it leads to wrong ways like depression, consumption of alcohol, consuming drugs, suicide etc.So mental health is very important.

One should balance their health physically and mentally. Both are important but mental health is dominant so every person should balance their mindset and take care of health as everybody know “Health is wealth”.

       Nowadays youth are not able to balance their state of mind and getting depressed for silly reasons and taking wrong steps. If a person is mentally weak then there is a chance of getting addicted to drugs, consuming alcohol, smoking etc. There is a higher chance of affecting their own health in a drastic way. So we as a person having humanity should bring awareness to the people about the importance of mental health.

     There are many mental disorders which will cause due to mental illness. Some of them are 

  •    Bipolar disorder
  •    Anxiety disorder
  •    Clinical depression

In your friends if anybody looking moody, depressed,dull, sitting lonely for a long duration then ask them what happened and give them confidence that you will support them and also motivate them, inspire them and also try to be in touch with them. Give them confidence with your words. In most of the cases this will help them to get out of depression. After your motivation and words also they are not changing and again going into depression then without any doubt inform about their condition to their parents. As parents can give more support and consult a psychiatrist. Their counseling can definitely make them strong. If you do this small thing you are the greatest person who is saving their life. Not only there one life but also lives of their family. As death of one person affects their family. 

   So just observe your friends and if anyone is going into wrong path and getting addicted to bad stuff just try to motivate and inspire them. Follow the above steps. If you notice them in that way but also you didn’t care about them then this can lead to suicide also. So try to bring awareness about mental health.

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