New way of learning

2020 brought a halt to lives of people at the same time it also provide time for nature to embalm it’s wounds. ….things however proved particularly hard for normal way of life specially for the students.

The more prominent change of life being that the students are no longer being scolded for investing time in mobile phones instead of books, however due to outbreak of this communicable disease the schools were shut down for good back in March 2020 itself. However teaching can’t be stopped, so avoiding the complexities of declaring academic session of 2020- 21 as null and void educational institutions were asked to carry on with the teaching process with one fundamental change in the paradigm…that was focus being placed on online learning. This wasn’t as easy as it may seem to be at a shallow level,it posed for all sorts of challenges…data packages may be very cheap now but what about rural areas with absolutely no access to internet connection or the ones with poor connection even broadcast of lessons on television is not the most viable option out their. Doctors have already expressed their concern about the excessive pressure that is splashed on to the eyes of children after being on screen for a long time every day without adequate amount of breaks ,so is the new normal of life the best option right now ?…schools cannot be opened as it would risk the future of India…so, the students who have no internet connection have to suffer educational losses and that is as inevitable? No. The government has got a whole bunch of bureaucrats working with them and they can for sure work out a method that can actually help the students… maybe schools cannot be opened everyday maybe schools can be opened every day but with alternative classes being conducted with half the staff being called and proper social distancing and sanitization norms being followed maybe the government should work on better setup of network connections for those people who have no internet connection or maybe emphasis should be placed on declaring the academic session zero and instead asking the children’s to focus on Holistic development that they can learn at their own place at the end of the day it is the government that has to decide.

Online learning can be criticized but at the same time we need to acknowledge to its pros as well the foremost among them being that the students stays in the comfort of their home without having to risk anyone around him as well as for the student himself its safer this way.At the same time it also ensures the safety of teachers,however choices should be provided to an individual so as to decide what’s the best for themselves but the government should at least come up with choices because it’s a democracy after all right?

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