Practical use of Knowledge

Perhaps the biggest concern when it comes to our education policies is its rigid and laggard nature,one that is scared of drastic changes…however the new economic policy of 2020 is the one that offers rather radical change for the times to come.The extent of its viability can however be judged only with time,in a recent survey it has been found out that students have high expectations with the promises made under new education policy.The particularly attractive thing about new education policy is its promise to increase the mobility between the three streams science,commerce and humanities and decrease the differentiation between the same.Also the promise of giving choice to reappear for board examination,the same year for students who are not satisfied with their performance seems particularly praiseworthy as it would help them to release pressure and neutralize the hype over board examinations.

The basic need of the students however remain that they should be able to use their knowledge to face the practical challenges that life has to offer, hence the concept of practical use of knowledge.

Teaching and learning should be made a process that is not enclosed within the four walls of a class…it should rather be giving focus on skill development, on holistic development of an individual so as to ensure that our students do not become bookworms and rather become people who will hold the virtues of modern India, India which would be more than communal riots and communal hatred,India that would lead the Nations to their future and hence emphasis should be placed on students so as to ensure that they do not become all about book knowledge rather they know how to use their knowledge to become a better version of themselves and shape the country in the best way possible.

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