Problems of Rape

Priya Yadav,
In the year 1989-90, a film was being shown in a township in North India. As the villainous character of Shakti Kapoor started raping the character Anita Raj on the screen, the people in the haul started shouting and enjoying the screen. Then suddenly the power went out, by the time the generator was run and the screen lighted again, the audience started creating an uproar. And when electricity came, it was said that the scene should be played again.

A large number of male viewers of that era loved the rape scenes. Such scenes were deliberately planted in the corners of the posters installed here and there in the market so that people can know that this film also has a rape scene. “Paan” shops just outside the theater used to complain that the rape scene was shown, but the clothes did not tear properly, something did not show properly, it was not so much fun. However, there were also some such audience present in the cinema, whose sympathy was with the character of the victim. It is difficult to say that the filmmakers of that era started to capitalize on this trend by understanding the mindset of the people, or that the interest and mentality of the people were created due to the scenes served by the filmmakers.

Read the news every day, and be ashamed, because now we have no choice but to be embarrassed. Every half an hour a ‘baby girl’ is being raped and every hour humanity is shaming. So we need permanent solutions. Counselor Anuja Gupta says that ‘sexual harassment of children is a forced act. If a criminal sexually abuses a child, then it increases the chances that he should do all this with other children as well. So if we want to stop sexual abuse, then we really have to stop it. Instead of being jailed, we should treat them.

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