Rising Cases of Mob Lynching in India : Threat to the nation and Humanity

Article by – Shishir Tripathi
Intern at Hariyali Foundation
In collaboration with
Educational News

During the last two years, there has been a hike in the cases of mob lynching in India. Mob Lynching is an act of killing a person or a group by an angry mob without any proof only upon the basis of some misdoubt or any other false rumor.

On 16th of April 2020, a vigilante group lynched two Hindu Sadhus and their driver in Gadchinchale Village in Palghar district, in the state of Maharshtra. This inhuman incident happened into the days of Nationwide Lockdown due to the attack of Corona Virus. So, these Sadhus were travelling to attend the funeral of their guru in Surat. As they were crossing a local checkpoint near the village, the mob attacked them and killed them to death. The incident was fuelled after the spread of rumors of thieves operating in the area and the mob attacked the three passengers assuming them as child thieves and organ harvesters.

A video went viral on Social Media in which it is clearly visible that the local police handed over one of the elderly Sadhus to the angry Mob and the insane crowd started beating him with stones, sticks and axes and killed him. Similarly the other Sadhu and the driver too were killed brutally. 115 villagers and 9 juveniles were the accused and the 115 villagers were later arrested too.

Now, the question arises that is it safe to travel in India through places with people having such mentality. Was it really justified to kill the 3 passengers who were on their way to attend a funeral? Absolutely not, if there is a mob doing justice then there’s no point of having some legal body like Police. No inquiries, no legal process is carried out and a mob with brainless, ridiculous fellows with ill mentality comes and straight away kills the person just in the name of some fake news.

Many a times it is seen that transporters of cattle are also killed by the mob itself without any proof in the name of Gau Raksha too. Whereas some incidents of mob lynching happen in the suspicion of rape, ill behavior, thefts and many more such rumors. Many a times, various police officials too get killed by such violent mobs.

There is a general increase in the hate feeling among the population within certain religious groups. People have assumed that people of certain groups in some specific regions of the country would surely be harming them just because they belong to a certain religion. People fear to pass through such areas with similar incidents happened previously. Nobody knows that when a mob will come out of a sudden will kill them to death without any reason. There’s an atmosphere of fear and panic everywhere in people across the country.

Some people associate incidents of Mob Lynching with religion. But cases like this must be looked upon with the perspective of ill mentality of such groups involved in those heinous acts and a failure of the govt. authorities against regulating such incidents. Also, the absence of strict laws being formulated against such acts is also a reason behind people getting motivation to commit such acts in groups.

Hence, proper steps are needed to be taken by the government and the concerned authorities to give a strict message to the ill minded people who commit such atrocious acts to the innocent people.

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